Worksheets for online English teachers, the quickest way to evaluate your student’s learning.

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Katarina, online English teacher at Acadsoc

Katarina, Online English teacher at Acadsoc.

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I worked as an English teacher at school before joining Acadsoc. Now, I am an online English teacher, but I figure out that worksheets are still very important for ESL classes. And actually, with the help of the Internet and virtual classroom, I can give out my worksheets to my students more easily. Every time, after conducting a class with kids or working adults, I will send them a worksheet to review what we have learned today. It seems I have done too much for my students, as an online English teacher, that I should only focus on my classes and leave them to practice by themselves in their spare time. However, making worksheets has become one of my habits, lol.

Seriously, worksheets can see if the student truly understand what you have taught them in your class. As I observed, Chinese students are always to shy to express their true feeling. Sometimes, they might tell you they have no question at the end of the class. Nevertheless, not a surprise, you will find out that they can only capture 20-30% what you taught last time when reviewing. Therefore, a worksheet is very essential, to evaluate and to remind your students what they have learned.

Here are two samples of worksheets I have made before.

For kids as Beginner in English learning

Worksheet for kids

Google Drive share: 

For working adults who want to further improve their communication skill

Just imagine, you are a salesperson working for a shoe store. And suddenly one day, your boss wants to talk to you. Maybe he/she wants to give you a raise, but how would you attempt to achieve a maximum increase if possible? What you should say? What shouldn’t?

Google Drive share:

Those are just 2 very simple worksheets I created before. If you hold the same belief as I do, that worksheets are always important, no matter for traditional English teachers or online English teachers, please drop me a comment here to ask for more worksheets! I’ve got plenty of them to share with you!!!

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