Work at home, way to achieve work-life balance.

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Krisstofer, Online English Teacher at Acadsoc.

Krisstofer, Online English Teacher at Acadsoc.

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Work at home, a new world waiting for you!

We’re living in an age of possibility. Our dreams and aspirations are carbon-copies of the freedom that financial stability can afford us. As expected, that definition of financial stability differs based on our background and even, at most times, our future.

Children spend twelve years of their lives away from their families for more than ten hours every day. That fact throws a major blow to the institution of families because many parents spend hours working overtime as well. That’s my story. Years ago, my parents always arrived home after the bell rang 12 times at midnight. Not bedtime story, no smack on my forehead and no one to hug when I was awake from a nightmare. I felt so jealous when seeing my classmates driven by their parents to school while I had to take the bus alone.

It is one of society’s greatest contradictions that we lose time with the ones we love in pursuit of providing for them. The promise of a better life, better opportunities, can see us sacrificing time with those that matter – all for looking at the ‘bigger picture’. What is the bigger picture? Is it creating wealth that we cannot enjoy because we want more? At which point do we say it’s enough? Is it when we’ve lost everything in terms of our health? Or is it when we realize just how lonely we have become?

My parents finally apologised for their ignorance of my feeling. It is impossible to re-fill my childhood, but what they reminded me was, not to make my kids victims for overtime-working of their parents again.

I used to work as an English teacher in a secondary school, 1 hour’s drive from my home. Usually, I arrived home back from work at around 8 PM because there might be a traffic jam. Once, I came home at 9 PM, but my boy had gone to bed. I forgot my promise, giving him a new toy of Transformer and a bedtime story. I dropped him a letter on the table the other day to explain everything and say sorry. But I know, that was the not the first time I failed to keep my word after working as an English teacher.

I never consider about giving up my career and my passion, working as a teacher nor leaving my family alone when they need me. So what should I do? What should I do to fulfil my self-contradict inspiration?

We need to look at our jobs from a new angle, can we boost up our efficiency and spare more time for life? Only a few people would be aware of this possibility, the opportunity to finish their given task ahead of time, get paid and go home earlier. Though I could not change the schedule of secondary school, I could change my position as a teacher, from offline to online. Work at home introduced a new world to me. 

Now I can determine my own schedule when to start, when to stop and when to accompany with my family. During my break between working slots, I can play football in the yard with my boy. Never again, I miss any bedtime story for him and prepare breakfast for my family in the morning. Last month, I spared myself 3 weeks from work to join a voluntary program in Mexico. 

The best way to achieve a work-life balance is to find a correct job for yourself. If your family always complain about your over hard-working, please consider carefully either A. You are inefficient when working or B. You are not a good match for the job itself. Definitely, you will have to sacrifice something to achieve a better work-life balance. Ask yourself: Are you willing to step out of office? Do you want to spend more time with your family?

If your answer is ‘Yes’, why not try work at home with your family and in your own comfort?

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