What it takes to be a top Online English Teacher for Chinese students

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Gina.G, Online English Teacher at Acadsoc.

Gina.G, Online English Teacher at Acadsoc.

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Top and Regular Online English Teacher

Hello, my name is Gina Galindez, I am an online English teacher at Acadsoc from the Philippines. It is my great honour here, to share with you my experience and my path of being a top tutor at Acadsoc. Especially for newbies, ‘Top Tutor’ seems far away and irrelevant to you. However, when you are regarded as one of the best online English teachers at Acadsoc one day, when your direct supervisor suddenly arrange you to attend top tutor training (known as TTT at Acadsoc), you will have a different feeling.

It was a rainy night, as I remembered, thundering and lighting outside when I was conducting a trial class with my student. After the class, I checked my Skype and saw the message my direct supervisor had left for me, ‘Congratulations, I recommend you to attend our top tutor training. Welcome to join the best teachers’ club.’ What? I felt shocked, confused and nervous. What did it mean, being a top tutor? Am I having any privilege?any increase in salary?or anything else?

The next day I asked my direct supervisor regarding the case. Surprisingly, she told me, it is a responsibility and honour for regular online English teachers to become top online English teachers. She interpreted, top teachers, will handle more trial classes than regular teachers do because the company entirely trust them to conduct classes on behalf of Acadsoc. Trial class students are fresh and new students for Acadsoc, and of course, not every online English teacher will be given the chance to handle them. Any small mistakes, any careless or misunderstanding will cause a negative impact on the company’s reputation. It reminds me that being a teacher is not quite hard, but being a noble and respectful teacher is.

As a return, there will be an enrollment bonus for every successful student signing up, which can always equal to my base salary in a day. Yah he! That’s every online English teacher may have dreamed of at Acadsoc, double your income and better support your family.

Being different makes us top tutors– but we should never forget where we are from. The requirements of being a top tutor are 100% the same or even stricter than being a regular teacher here at Acadsoc. You will have to be passionate, professional, patient, responsible, creative and energetic, capable of handling all age group students, with 0 cancellation and 0 complaints from students.  Particularly when there is a change in the company’s direction/policy, top tutors are always the first group who fully comprehend their intention and fully support their decision. Additionally, top tutors are obliged to share their teaching experience with regular teachers, to help their co-workers become top tutors one day!

My experience in taking trial classes

As a teacher, the classroom should be a place where everyone feels welcome. The importance of this is highlighted by the fact that as a teacher you are not dealing with students of the same age, understanding, and abilities; their requirements for a specific lesson or class may change as their day goes by. For this reason, certain core qualities are needed to make sure that you maximize the twenty-five minutes you have with a student.

The most impressive trail class I had was with a 5-year-old boy, who can barely speak any English. I just finished several pieces of training and only conducted few trial classes before that class in the earlier weeks, but yet, I still felt unconfident in handling such a student even his parents would be in the class as well.

My brain was almost blank and messy in the whole class, having no idea what I was talking about and what the whole class was conducting, even when the bell rang for class over. Fortunately, I talked to his mother after the class and that conversation changed my path in this company. The first word she told me is “Relax” and then followed by “I know you have tried your best to teach my boy, thank you.” She told me she is an English teacher in a public school, so she can easily know how I felt in my class. “I was quite nervous in my first class as a newbie hired by a state school after getting my normal school degree.  I can still remember, the most awkward moment, I dropped my chalk on the ground and spent 5 minutes searching for it. All my students were looking at me in a very strange way, maybe thinking why this teacher has to find that chalk instead of taking a new chalk from the chalk container.”

Unexpected, that was the exact feeling I had back then. I supposed his parents should have been angry on me and doubted my teaching ability. And thanks to this very tolerant mother, I carefully reviewed my teaching method and started asking my direct supervisor for class videos recorded by top teachers from then on. I should make myself truly deserve the kindness of my students, not to fail them, not to make them waste tons of ‘5 minutes’ with me, learning nothing.

My belief, as an Online English teacher at Acadsoc, is to make every minute of my students count. It requires so much effort and so many practices on how to efficiently use the 25 minutes’ class time. How long should the introduction be? How long for ice-breaker? How long for vocabulary? How long for mock exam?…Being an efficient online teacher is like doing an experiment, searching for the best formula after thousands of tries and fails.

“Your life as a teacher begins the day you realize that you are always a learner.”

– Robert John Meehan

I would like to share this quote from one of my most respectful educators. No one is born to be a teacher, and no one is chosen to be a top teacher. All we have, all we earn today are not something predetermined, but coming from sweats, attempts, tumbles and always, an open mind to learn from someone better than you.


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