Ten most Frequently Asked Questions about online ESL teaching

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Erick, Online English teacher and business counsellor at Acadsoc.

Erick, Online English teacher and business counsellor at Acadsoc.

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For teachers doing their research on ESL teaching, there are foundation questions that need to always be asked and answered adequately.


What is Expected from Me as a Teacher?

As an ESL teacher, you will be tasked with providing online lessons to Chinese (majority) students residing in various parts of the world including China.

How Can I Make Sure That I Give the Best Lesson Possible?

To give the best lessons possible, a teacher needs to always be prepared. Plan your lessons adequately and way ahead of time and anticipate possible questions based on a student’s level and classification.

How Many Students Can I Expect?

For teachers who will be teaching through Acadsoc, they can expect one student per class. This is the most effective way of teaching and helps you maximize the time in a way that addresses all issues that one student has.

What are the Peak Times?

The peak times are as follows during the week 19:00 to 22:00 and on the weekends the peak times are from 09:00 to 22:30 – basically the whole day. You can plan your schedule with these times in mind to help you get the best possible booking rate.

What Ages Will I be Teaching?

Students vary on a daily basis. You can expect students from the ages of five to the ages of sixty. These students vary from students in kindergarten to top executives in international companies. The ages don’t matter that much, these students have one common goal and that is them speaking English.

How Do I Grade Students?

Acadsoc has a grading system that is denominated invariants of 20% with a guide in the appropriate skills and comprehension at each denomination. This makes it easier to grade students more appropriately.

How Can I Give Effective Feedback?

Whenever you highlight an issue with the student, leave a note of encouragement. This gives the impression that they are not all bad – the aim is to let the student know that they have issues, but you are prepared to assist them all the way. Give grammar and pronunciation corrections and leave words of encouragement.

Are There any Support Groups or Forums That Can Help Me?

Acadsoc has teacher focused FAQs that go in depth with issues that may be affecting the teacher. On top of all that, there is the support from the CS staff and the supervisor is always there to help and guide you. Alternatively, the internet is also an option.

How Long Will the ESL Lessons Be?

Each ESL class is twenty-five minutes long.

Can I Make this a Steady Income Stream?

The beauty of ESL teaching is that the more you put in, the more you are bound to get out. If you work diligently and in a smart way, you can supplement your current income and then some.

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