P-ositive A-ttitude I-n N-egative S-ituations

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P-ositive A-ttitude I-n N-egative S-ituations

“To love and be loved back is the greatest pleasure you can have”
-Anarica Vidal





Dear Acadsoc,

I have started working with you way back January 2016. Since I started my junior high school I became the breadwinner of my family and Acadsoc made a great change in the facet of my life. By the time I started my job as an online tutor with you dearest Acadsoc, I have a small second-hand notebook computer. I have tried my best to please my students despite odds but there were really times that we get some complaints which I then understood that they are our stepping stones to be a better version of ourselves. Before I easily get frustrated when my Team Manager gets to inform me that I have a complaint and as I stay longer with you, I am being able to understand what my TM gets to advise all the time. Indeed, we need to remain Positive in Attitude despite how Negative Situations maybe. This advise remains in my heart and mind that shaped me up and growth is here to experience.
I was single when I started teaching here in Acadsoc and when I got married Acadsoc supported me too. What is nice about my marriage life is, I was able to convince my husband to unleash his potentials no matter how shy he was and fortunately joined Acadsoc as his part-time job in the evening and weekends and a Public-School teacher in the morning. I am so much happy because he is having so much fun with his classes.

Acadsoc dear, you helped me a lot with all of my endeavors especially now I am targeting to finish our law degree. Do not worry my best pal because we will always be best buds no matter where we will go in life – You will always be with me. I still imagine where I started back then from TM KC to TM Michelle you never left me. I still reminisced the time where I was offered items by the Department of Education here in my country and I consulted my TM Michelle, she had given her best ideas and support for any decision I will be making and I could never forget the time that I told her that I have chosen Acadsoc over the two items offered for reasons that I have. Many did not understand and many mocked me down. I cried but I am luckier than those because of when the tragic accident happened last year where my entire family was involved in a vehicular accident-I was saved by you. You were the reason why I was not able to join the family gathering in the province- my husband can attest to the fact that you were a blessing in disguise. I pondered what if I was there too, who could help them? No one. All the expense came from the earnings I had from this respectable institution. This is my humble beginning and I am proud of you Acadsoc as I have witnessed your growth- but you did not forget us. This is my way of returning all my thankfulness to you.

You made a great change in my life from the different corners of life. I was able to acquire some little tangible and non-tangible things that made my life even comfortable. Because of you, I made my dreams a reality- buying my sniper motorcycle and my house and had some travels. I hurdled all challenges in life and remained my firm stand with you because you are worth my passion and love. Everyone may have met dilemmas in life but what is important your love, patience and support for your tutors are always evident. I want you to know that you are truly treasured in the hearts of my family and me.
Thank you so much!

We love you Acadsoc!

Yours Forever,
Anarica 2091



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