Mutual relationship between online English teachers and students

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Teacher Marife.S, Online ESL teacher at Acadsoc.

Teacher Marife.S, Online ESL teacher at Acadsoc.

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The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

–William Arthur Ward


Teachers have a tendency that they are superior to their students. This is normal with regards to the Academic knowledge they have compared to that of their students. This seems reasonable, does it? What really makes a teacher a teacher? Have you tried asking that? A teacher isn’t a teacher if there are no students. This on its own can change the way we look at this picture… The teacher needs their students to be a teacher. And please, take teacher as a noble position.

When we choose to make teaching our profession, we didn’t become one till we started teaching really.

A teacher is not just a title carried by an individual, it is the application and capability of each to embed to another person what she/he is thoroughly knowledgeable. It is a hands-on profession that not everyone can handle. Some give up due to being burnout or drained. This is why we continuously need to study and recharge ourselves. After graduation and board examinations, an accountant can just look for a job, go on with life and cease all the pressure that studying carries with it. Such principle won’t work for a teacher even if he/she just graduate from a major/training of education. They need to study, research, read books and articles, etcetera, etcetera… It is a lifelong journey of studying, sharing, and planting knowledge to our students.

Mutual relationship between ESL teachers and studentsI have a student who, at certain times; when our class is four to five sessions in a row ends up only asking for a free talk. At first, I hesitated in my mind, but realising that this may be a way in which I can really offer what the student really needs, I consented. Then I noticed a significant improvement in my students’ performance. When asked about it, on how she progressed after that session. She only answered, “I was listening to every single advice you gave me last time and saw that learning a language isn’t about the book, it’s on how we use what we learned in a book and I couldn’t have seen that without a teacher”.


I am not suggesting that we go to free talk and divert from the lesson material as a whole unless her English level has been above mid-level. The point I am highlighting here is that a teacher should give the student time to practice the lesson material in a daily life situation. Start a conversation where they can try to show if they learned the lesson that was discussed. Real teachers are not just teaching from the book, they explain how to utilise what is in the book.

Students, on the other hand, need teachers as well. Some people believe in self-study methods; some even claim that it is the best way to study. I wouldn’t disagree with it totally, personally speaking, I learned too from researching and reading articles about psychology placed side by side with my professor’s lectures. I hope it was noticed that I said- SIDE BY SIDE.  Yes, we learn even when we study by ourselves, but the importance of a teacher can’t be entirely put aside. We needed the teachers to guide us, lead us to our quest for wisdom and knowledge. I know I needed mine; they gave me the right reading materials, best websites, and even their own methods of how to study. The experience a teacher carries and shares with his/her students can’t be out ruled by even the best books ever written.

This circumstance creates the need of both parties towards each other. We have a mutual relationship with our student, like a give and take. Students make us teachers, and a teacher makes the students; and much more, a person with a unique personality and formed a good stock.

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