Justine.O: How Did I Reach B Level at ACADSOC within a Year?

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How Did I Reach B Level at ACADSOC within a Year?


Justine.O, Online English Teacher at Acadsoc.

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Hi! My name is teacher Justine. I’ve been teaching English as a Second Language for quite some time now. I am an English teacher with English for Kids and Exam Preparation certificates. I gained a variety of teaching techniques.

Acadsoc: Ms. Justine, how long have you been working at ACADSOC? Do you have teaching experience before?

Justine.O: I have been working at ACADSOC for 1 year and 2 months now. This is my first time working in an online ESL company. And before that, I had worked in a Call Centre for 4 years, which trained me to speak fast and request me to speak in America accent.

Acadsoc: We have a Tutor’s Level System at ACADSOC. It is unbelievable that you took only one year to reach B level. How did you make it?

Justine.O: Hardworking. In the beginning, I just opened my slots as many as I can. I start working from 6 o’clock in the morning, creep from my bed, brush my teeth, wash my face and then prepare breakfast for my family. When they wake up with sleepy-eyes, I am already in class with students. But right now, I have already reached the goal that I got B level, not to earn money for survival only, I cut off my working hours but take my time to enjoy the personal life.

Acadsoc: Do you prefer to be a VIP teacher or to take trial lessons?

Justine.O: To be honest, I was afraid to take trial classes at first. With only 25 minutes, the teacher needs to adjust their teaching styles to suit the student’s capability. However, I feel excited now with the trial class every time. It is a challengeand it will improve my ability at the same time. The best part of being a teacher is the personal satisfaction in seeing your students learn from what you taught and later on becoming a successful person. Telling you how much you’ve helped them to become confident English speakers.

Acadsoc: Would you like to share some impressive stories of your students?

Justine.O: Can I tell you about my first complaint? It was from a college student due to I spoke too fast in class, with the speed I used to be in the call center. That’s the time I realized that as a teacher you must speak slowly to make sure your student can catch your words. To avoid complaint, I prepare a lot before each lesson. Once I thought there would be a kid student, so I wore a cartoon headband. Suddenly, a college student showed in class. I took off the headband in one second and we laughed together. I also made a T-shirt with ACADSOC brand logo. It makes me look professional and reliable. Sometimes, students will send me a message like “I like you. I’m gonna miss you”, even we only did one lesson.

Acadsoc: Your keyboard looks awesome. I heard that you can touch type. 

Justine.O: Hahahahahha. Yes, I can. Every time I do touch-typing, my student will get shocked and ask me about it.

Acadsoc: Besides working as an online tutor, do you have any other roles?

Justine.O: Not only a teacher, I am a marketing staff and administrator at ACADSOC. Time is like the water in the sponge, you’ll always get it if you twist it. What’s more, I’m also a mother. Once I found that my children sang the song I taught to Chinese students. It’s amazing that my own children are also learning and unconsciously influenced by my class.

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  1. Jason    

    I like the accent for Justine.

  2. Zale    

    I like you teacher

  3. Shirley    

    She is a very hardworking teacher. Her class is so active. She can easily catch students attention and teach them patiently. I love this teacher not only because she teaches me English but also for her personality! So lucky to meet a teacher like this!

  4. Noname    

    This blog has a lot of grammar mistakes. Proofreading is really important.

    • Acadsoc    

      Thank you for your suggestions and criticism. We’ll do our best to improve it.

  5. Lotsa    

    I am not here to insult anyone, but is it really fair for someone to reach Level B status just because she works long hours (re: hardworking, starts at 6 am) even if her post says otherwise because of the grammatical errors? I suppose, there are other teachers that give their utmost best when it comes to quality teaching without having all these lapses. Students deserve better; Screening teachers should really be improved.

    • Acadsoc    

      We believe quantity and quality are of the same importance when it comes to providing service for such a big amount of customers, and Acadsoc sets its mind on improving on both these aspects by welcoming constructive suggestions.

  6. Anika    

    I’m sorry but it should be “How did I reach B level….” and I agree that proofreading should be the answer to prevent these teachers from being caught with their grammar errors BECAUSE they applied to be a writer for this site.

    Dear Acadsoc, even if teachers have their so-called certifications it would be fair to the students and their parents if they are being taught by really eligible ones by properly selecting them and testing their skills. Yes, nobody’s perfect but they are English teachers so they should be teaching them proper grammar. Students can be easily taught the wrong thing because most have no knowledge of the language. I wonder how she got the B level? 🙁 I am not a teacher of Acadsoc nor teaching English but I just saw the ad on FB.

    • Acadsoc    

      Hi,there.Thank you for your sincere comment,we are sorry for the mistakes made by a co-worker of ours who interviewed Teacher Justine.O and wrote the article,and we will definitely provoke all of our employees to use proper English which undoubtedly our students are learning from our professional teachers.

  7. Teacher Justine.O    

    I’m so happy and lucky that I’m working with Acadsoc. I’m in my first year now and I’m looking forward to many more years to work with this company. Thank you, Acadsoc! #ILoveMyJob #OneAcadsoc

  8. rachel    

    so inspiring!

  9. celia    

    Her English class is very interesting!I like her so much!

  10. paul    

    We could have helpful suggestion instead of criticizing the blog…just sayin

  11. Tara    

    Great Job Teacher Justine! Thank you for sharing your Acadsoc experience with us. Being part of a company like Acadsoc really helps working moms to have a very well balance family-work like.
    Kudos to Acadsoc as well!

  12. Rome    

    I love working at acadsoc.



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