Ms. Jorren: Love Your Work Like Yourself and Your Family

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Jorren, Online English Teacher at Acadsoc.

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Love Your Work Like Yourself & Your Family


Hello, I am Teacher Jorren. I am a Graduate of BACHELOR OF ELEMENTARY EDUCATION. I have been teaching both online and offline class. I worked in Acadsoc for almost 3 years now. And Acadsoc is my full-time job.

Acadsoc: Ms. Jorren, as your working experience, what’s the difference between online teaching and offline teaching in school?

Ms. Jorren: There’s a big difference between online teaching and offline teaching in school.

First, I can manage my time in online teaching while offline teaching can’t because I need to follow the time rule of school, I need to stay in school for 8-10hours.

Second, I can make my own money. If I want to earn more, I will teach more hours. Unlike in school, the salary is fixed.

Acadsoc: We heard a good news that you bought a brand new car from your salary here in Acadsoc. Is this the first time you change your car after joining us?

Ms. Jorren: Yes, this is the first time to change the car, and I’m so happy because Acadsoc helps me a lot in terms of financial needs. I can provide all of the needs of my kids. For now, we have 2 Cars and Have own Single house.


Acadsoc: How does it feel to work in Acadsoc? Any stories would you like to share?

Ms. Jorren: Teaching at Acadsoc is One of the Great things Happened in my life. Others said they are 100% satisfied. For me, 200% satisfied and 200% loyal teacher in Acadsoc. I have met the Managers of Acadsoc, Sir Johnny and Sir Michael twice, first is Sept. 11, 2016, and last is March 25, 2017, the day before my schedule of giving birth to my little boy. They kindly gave me some gifts for my baby.


Acadsoc: Do you have any teaching tips to suggest our new tutors?

Ms. Jorren: I have some suggestions to other tutors not same as me, but much better if they listen to my advice.

  1. Treat your Work as your parent family. It means number 1 to your life.
  2. Be responsible for your task and at least your knowledge is ahead than your student. It means to study their lesson ahead of time.
  3. Always follow the Rule of the company.
  4. Treat your student as your kids, or siblings, because for my 3 years in company everything will be easy for me because I will always follow the rules.




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