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Ciara Cordero, ESL teacher at Acadsoc, Ltd.

Ciara Cordero, ESL teacher at Acadsoc, Ltd.

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Hi kids! Teacher Ciara here! I am hoping to have you all in my class.
We will discuss lessons in a fun and interesting way!
We can draw, play games and sing a song together! Who knows?
My friends will be joining our class.You’ll get to meet Olaf, Steve the Minion and also Baby Cherry!
They are very funny and talented!
They’ll show us different skills. So what are you waiting for?
Join me in my class. I can’t wait to see you

-Teacher Ciara


Incorporating music in your approach to teaching English is a creative way to deliver a fun and engaging English class and as an addition to other English teaching materials recommended. Like any other teaching tool, music can either make or break your lesson, your class, and how much your students can learn from them. Great care is encouraged in using songs to reinforce your lessons in class.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right songs to use in your English classes, and your job as a teacher is to know precisely which songs work best for a given lesson and, most importantly, for the kind of students you have.

Factors such as your student’s English levels, their cultural background, or their age all come into play in deciding the appropriate songs to be used.

After considering all this, we take a look at how you can use music in the English classroom so both you and your students can have fun teaching and be learning English.

As a way to warm up

As a teacher, you’ll be able to sense if your student is tired or needs some shaking up. Music is a great way to snap your student out of that limbo and can serve as a warm up to your lesson. Depending on the age of your students, choose age-appropriate songs that can cheer them up.

As a springboard to your lesson

You can use some words in the song to introduce your vocabulary for the day’s class. For example, if your lesson talks about adjectives, you can have students look for words that describe a thing, place, person or events. Songs are rich with a simple vocabulary that you can use in your English class. It can also be a jumping point for when you’re trying to introduce the theme of your day’s lesson.

As a pronunciation practice

Allowing students to listen to music helps you tech pronunciation and accents to your students. Singing can help correct pronunciation mistakes and can also help your students remember new words.  

As a listening practice

One activity you can do to test their listening skills is to remove words from the lyrics and have them complete it by listening carefully to words being omitted. This is called cloze tests.

As a way to relax

Some teachers use songs right before the class ends in order to allow students to wind down and simply relax. How do you know your student needs a break?

As a way to introduce English culture

Music can help increase your student’s awareness and cultural understanding through songs. As a teacher, you can incorporate songs as long as you have a good background and a strong knowledge of the cultural nuances of the songs you use.

Listening to music is fun, and using songs in your class can also make your English lessons more fun for your students. English tutors at Acadsoc are encouraged to use music in their English classes because of all the right reasons as said above. Do you also use music in your classes?

If you have more suggestions/recommendation on how to use music in your class, welcome to leave a comment here!

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