Dear Diary… I am an online English teacher

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Justine.O, Online English teacher at Acadsoc.

Justine.O, Online English teacher at Acadsoc.

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My Diary, as an online English teacher

The streets echo with the hustle and bustle of morning traffic outside my apartment. As some carry mugs filled to the brim with morning coffee, mine echoes with vowels, phrases, and traces of red tea from the early hours of the morning.

I yawn reluctantly. The stiffness of my neck reminds me that I need a chair more suitable for my job description. My computer lights up, it’s time for my last class. In twenty-five minutes, my day will end just as it starts for some, if not most. See, while my family is asleep I wake up and dedicate to my full-time job. This job is not how I start my day, but rather, how I end it.

As a breadwinner, it has been very important for me to utilize my time in such a way that is not only satisfactory but fulfilling financially. When you spend most of your time as a babysitter, the job options open to you are diminished by almost ninety percent. For me, it was important that I find something that accommodates and compliments my schedule. That dedicated effort to find something landed me a position at Acadsoc teaching English online.

I start working from 8 o’clock in the morning, creep from my bed, brush my teeth, wash my face and then prepare breakfast for my family. When they wake up with sleepy-eyes, I am already in class with students. Time passes so fast, it reminds me of lunchtime when the clock rings 12 times. After feeding my boy and get him to sleep, I will devour my lunch in 30 minutes. In most cases, it is hard to stay awake in the afternoon, so I will take a nap or try some coffee. When night falls, my husband is back from work and help to prepare dinner. My duty will finish at 9 PM, as I prefer, to watch TV and tell bedtime stories to my boy after working a whole day.

For my family, they sometimes compare me to an android, clock in and clock out at certain times every day. My little angel climbed up to the chair when I was finishing lunch in 30 minutes. He asked me, with curiosity, in his little voice, what was on the screen of my laptop. I smiled at him, ‘That’s my job, sweetheart. J-O-B, job. Can you repeat the word again?’ Without awareness, I keep a teacher’s habit even in daily life.

Where it starts,  I was hired as an online English teacher by accident

I joined Acadsoc by accident, seeing Acadsoc’s advertisement on Facebook hiring online English teachers when I was browsing news feeds aimlessly.  I took a chance since I had no teaching experience before this job, never expecting they will consider me as a candidate. All in my mind back then was an income to feed my baby and my family.

Like a dream, I got interviewed and passed and started working in the same week after the interview. Which makes me highly impressed by HR’s efficiency and profession, taking me as a newbie into this big family. Yeah, family, I realised Acadsoc is different from the BPO company I worked with before. In the call centre, all I had was an ID card and fingerprint to clock in and clock out. Here, at Acadsoc, I have my students, some started to take my classes from day 1 till now, my Chinese supervisor and colleagues, who are willing to help, and hundreds of online English teachers in our Facebook community, passionate, welcome to share and friendly. For the first time, my name means so much to someone else except for my family.

Like a karma and bless, I started working as a full-time teacher from week 1, conducting 8 hours’ classes per day, even when I was still under probationary. When I brought up my concern to my supervisor, I could always hear an answer in 30 minutes. It made me feel like I was fully trusted by the company and I should do my best to repay their expectation, not to fail my position, as a noble online English teacher.

Where it ends, I keep improving my trial classes strategy and learn from others

At first, I was really nervous in handling trial classes because I know that being part of the Top Tutors is really a big responsibility since we will handle more trial classes than regular teachers do. There’s a lot of pressure and you always need to be on your 100% full energy while having trial classes.

The most unforgettable trial class I had was with a 6-year-old-girl, who can barely speak English. I felt really nervous until I decided to play a music and sang a song for her. She started smiling and that makes me feel comfortable. Then I realized I needed to make and prepare some teaching materials that I can use while having my classes especially trial classes for kids such as downloaded music w/ videos, hand puppets, fancy headbands, etc.

The best part of being a teacher is the personal satisfaction in seeing your students learn from what you taught and later on becoming a successful person. Telling you how much you’ve helped them to become confident English speakers.

I was a call centre agent before and I didn’t expect to become an Acadsoc home-based teacher. Now, I’m loving my job so much as my students always make me smile.



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  1. reader    

    too redundant, but, is ok

  2. Justine.O    

    Thank you so much! I’m proud to be part of Acadsoc! #ILoveMyJob

  3. John.F    

    Thanks for sharing. I hope you can improve on your punctuation marks and unnecessary adjectives in some sentences. It sound too pretentious if you ask me.

    • Acadsoc    

      Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate that. If you are interested in being one of our teachers, you may join us and share your ideas with other teachers!

  4. Shirley    

    Teacher Justine is like my best friend. My day is not complete without having a class with her. I always book her class in the morning before I go to work. I am also an English teacher here in China and it was really an honor to meet a co-teacher just like her because she is always positive and full of energy. I even referred her to some of my students and they really enjoy her classes.

  5. Frank    

    I am so happy to my favorite English teacher was featured in her company. Dear teacher Justine, you are the reason why I can beat the weakness in me in the morning. I miss having classes with you. I am sorry because I am too busy at work.

  6. Eva    

    Teacher Justine O. is one of my inspiration why I keep on learning English even it’s difficult. She’s beautiful inside and out. I like her so much!

  7. Alina    

    My justine teacher is a professional and friendly teacher!I know she’s very hard,I’m very worried about her. Her English is very authentic!Her English class is very interesting!I like her so much!

  8. josh    

    Really thanks for your great help on Kimi’s English study, you make him accept learning english. Now, when i ask him to learn english, he will said”is Justine my teachet for this class”? He loves you

  9. Zale    

    I hope one day I will be a teacher like you

  10. Violet    

    nice to study at Acadsoc

  11. Alice    

    The teacher is young and beautiful, good at mobilizing students’ enthusiasm, the class atmosphere is very active. The teaching is careful and careful, the voice is sweet, affable. The attitude is serious and responsible, extremely patient, is our dear teacher.

  12. Melissa    

    you really are a responsible teacher,!

  13. Melissa    

    like your accent and your optimistic attitude.

  14. Tina Hu    

    What a great article that is full of true feelings and emotions! Every flower is a little world. Each has its own story to tell. Your words are like a window, through which we can see another real living clearly even we are a thousand miles apart. Your words in this article are the same sincere as you are both in your class and daily life.
    In addition, I am touched in your pursuit of progress and continuous improvement even though this job is so hard. I feel the great power of mother love and wife’s love. I always believe that you can get a bigger success.
    By the way, I trully hope you can take more care of your health, especially your eyes. Because you know, at any time, nothing is more important than your health.
    At last, thank you for your sharing, and I realy like it.

  15. MOMO    

    Teacher Justine O. is the best teacher which i had met in Acadsoc. She is very kind and professional on her class. I enjoy studying English with her very much.But,her class is very hard to book.Because too many students like her, and their hands is also agiler than me. I have learnt a lot of things with her, not only the contents in courseware, but also the customs and cultures around English worlds. It’s a great honor for me to learn English from her.



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