Crisel’s Progress Story

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Crisel’s Progress Story



I am Crisel, a licensed teacher by profession. I started as a regular tutor here at Acadsoc in 2015 and honestly felt insulted with my starting hourly rate way back then as I felt I deserved more because I have my Master’s Degree.

However, I accepted the rate though and took that as a challenge. I focused on the job and grabbed all the incentives that I could possibly have – Completion Bonus, Enrollment Bonus Package, Perfect Attendance Bonus and the Referral Bonus that led me to be Acadsoc’s Top Referrer in 2017 – which also opened the door for me to be a part of the Marketing team. Part of the perks, I was able to visit Acadsoc’s head office in Shenzhen, China.

After a few months, got promoted to be one of the Recuitment Specialist Managers (home-based). Then came as a big surprise to be promoted again for office-based as the Office Manager at ACADSOC-Ortigas, and the rest is history…

Posting not to brag but to show that dreams do come true in this company. Looking back, I got two  grown-up kids and both of them were just starting college when I joined Acadsoc. And now, my daughter already graduated in a private university and had her internship in Bangkok, Thailand and my son is now on his 2nd course in a private university, too.

Through hardwork, working for 10-12 hours a day in both teaching and marketing, I was able to save for my trips abroad – been to Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong, Macau, Thailand, China and soon Taiwan.


These drastic life changing experiences and achievements I certainly owe to ACADSOC.

Thank you, thank you!

Nothing is impossible if we will be full-hearted, dedicated and responsible in performing our tasks/obligations. Perseverance coupled with prayers and being grateful always is the key!

Sincere thanks to our HO Admins and Management –  Sir Anson, Sir Johnny, Ms. Zoe, Sir Michael, Ms. Ivy, Sir Alex and my former DS Ms. Emily, Ms. Keira and Ms. Bonita for the trust and encouragement. Not to forget, the local heads, my mentors, Ms.Ani Grace and Ms.Yan Sundo.

For teaching me the procedure and answering my endless questions, Sir Ross, Ms. Carla and Ms. Kite. Of course, at the office now, the very supportive, TM Peter. Hats off to all of you for recognizing my potential and believing in me!!!

Above all the tangible accomplishments, am blessed working in Acadsoc as I grew with another family, not just friends.















And now, thank you, Lord for this new baby, hard-earned reward for myself. ❤❤❤

I am definitely one of the happiest teachers/employees in ACADSOC!!!

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