Company That Offers Growth

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Company That Offers Growth


Marife.S, Process Trainer at Acadsoc.

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Most people work for what gives them the best gain, some for the best experience, some for their great management; I choose to work for all these. Looking for a perfect job isn’t easy nowadays, but don’t content yourself with mediocre, choose the best. I know I chose the best one for me.

I started my work here in AcadSoc some years ago. Being a fresh graduate, I wasn’t really sure about what to do exactly. After graduating Bachelor in Psychology and Education I was torn between two things; being a doctor or being a teacher.  One of my friends who is currently hired by another online platform for teaching invited me to apply to her company, I applied, got hired. Something I didn’t expect happened during one of my classes that caused me to decide to leave the company since there wasn’t any chance that tutors defend themselves when something amiss happens in their class. I was confused since it is the first time that I taught online. Despite that; I decided to try again, and then is when I found AcadSoc. I wasn’t so well known back then. I only found it through LinkedIn. It was another race of students to teach, so I told myself, why not give it a go?

The application process was speedy, I remember being interviewed, trained and had demo class just in 3 days. I back then compared it in the one I had before where my application was pending for 1 month. It was impressive. I started working within the one-week duration and I met a lot of great people in my training. The trainers were very accommodating as well as my HR too. My experience with them was blissful. Days, weeks, months, years passed on and from being a home-based tutor, I became an office based tutor in Quezon City. At first, the transition from being home-based to being office based was stark. I used to be able to access all the toys, and all the props I have at home, as well as making funny faces and gestures without the fear of being watched or seen by anyone saves my student. Now, it was different. Anyways, the “stage fright” wasn’t long lasting, here in the office I met friends, we were able to share advice and tips on how to better teach our students.


Then came a program from our office management that I was one of the selected ones to try out being an HR/PT. It was a shock to me really. I was confused at first as to how to do these things that we are now supposed to undertake. Yes, I was a teacher, but I think teaching teachers is a very different thing. Under the spirit of obedience, I followed instructions, I took the training for being an HR/PT and after a week, I was joined into a very welcoming group of our company. Now working full time as a Process Trainer I am very happy to help teachers find their way in their classes. To help them see the greatness in being a teacher. It was a wonderful time I spent in this company that offers growth for an individual. Looking back on myself before I started here, I wonder if I got any advance in my career. Let me end this narrative with a saying I saw once in one of my trainer’s Skype status…

Train them well so that they can leave, treat them well so that they don’t want to…

– Richard Branson

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