An Unexpected Journey of a Clueless Adventurer

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An Unexpected Journey of a Clueless Adventurer


Nella.J, Online English Teacher at Acadsoc.

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Clueless Adventurer! Yes, indeed! I had known online tutorial from TV and Facebook advertisements only. I was curious about it, clicked every website of possible companies to apply. However, I was clueless at all! I did not know what to do, that was the first time that I tried to have another adventure aside from teaching in a public high school. I was nervous but I just thought that it was better to try than never try at all and forever wonder what if I tried.

Failures! I had been interviewed and had been asked to demonstrate teaching to some ESL companies but I failed! I did not pass. Did I ask myself, why? Am I not good enough? I almost lost hope. That was the first time for me to try another journey but I failed already. I felt devastated, good thing I have my husband who had tried to comfort me and reminded me of God’s better plans for me.

Here comes an E-mail from Acadsoc! Yes, at a point that I almost gave up and thought that online tutorial is not for me, I received an email telling me to schedule an interview. Though I hesitated at first because of the fear of getting rejected again, I still tried! I never thought that my first interview with my (now) TM Jennifer Zhang would open a great opportunity for me! She has been so kind, patient and helpful to me. I felt happy because of her encouragements at that time. I never thought that she would accept me as part of her team, though at some point I almost lost my confidence!

On Probation! Yes, I was given a chance to teach here at Acadsoc though I was just on probation! I felt really happy! Though, I admit the journey was not easy! I struggled a lot because I am a first-timer in this world. Nevertheless, God has provided me with a lot of good people in this company to support me and help me surpass all the hardships that I have been through! I felt comfort, I felt love and I felt acceptance! I just thought and realized that my husband was right! God has better plans for me. And yes! Acadsoc is where I belong! Because this company is not just a company, it’s a family!

A new member of Acadsoc family! Yes, I passed the probation and I am now a new member of Acadsoc family! I feel so blessed and happy to be here! I am not only teaching here but I am learning as well. I gained friends and enjoyed the company of my students and aside from that I get paid well too (hahaha). Every day is like an adventure here in Acadsoc, because each day I meet different students, all ages, and all professions. Though there are a few not-so-good experiences with some students most students here are really good-natured! They all want to learn English and most of them are nice to be with!

Thankful and Contented! Yes, I am happy, thankful and contented here at Acadsoc! I thank god for letting me experience all these things right now. It is such a blessing to be here. And I hope that our Acadsoc family will prosper some more so it can help aspiring teachers like me. To all the people, my TM, MTs, and CS, here at Acadsoc who have helped me to be where I am now, I will be forever grateful to all of you. Especially to my TM, Jennifer thank you for trusting me and for guiding me all the time. I may have my shortcomings at times but I am confident that I can surpass it all because I have a strong support group! Thank you for making me a part of this great family, the Acadsoc family!

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  1. kring    

    Good evening! May i know how you do that interactive lear and play that you used in your video? Thank you!

    • Acadsoc    

      It’s the teaching tools and materials from ACADSOC. Want to know more about Acadsoc? Apply via !

  2. Seramie    

    Hello Justine.

    I remember watching your video on Youtube and practiced it at home. Voila! I got hired.
    You are very inspiring, you’ve help me a lot and i think you’ve help a lot of aspiring individuals like me. Keep it up.
    Someday, I’ll become like you.



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