A Patient Teacher is a Perfect Teacher

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Erick, Online English teacher and business counsellor at Acadsoc.

Erick, Online English teacher and business counsellor at Acadsoc.

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The greatest attribute that any person walking this earth can have is the virtue of patience. This quality can get us through the most adverse of situations in life. For teachers, it is important to have patience because you are not exposed to students with the same capability and quality. We all have a starting point in life, we need to keep working diligently every single day to make sure that we improve on ourselves and that we become the best versions of ourselves. If teachers practised patience for themselves, they wouldn’t be as effective as they are – a patient teacher is a perfect teacher because of the positivity that creates for the student.

Encourages Effort

Patience encourages effort from students in a way that is very progressive. It is simple. If a student realizes that if they take their time, that has positive effects on their learning. Many students fear being wrong and they refrain from trying – that is not a good practice. Patient teachers show students that it is okay to keep trying.


A patient teacher motivates his/her student to keep working hard. When a student is wrong or is not responding well, a teacher’s patience will motivate the student to keep on trying.


A patient teacher not only creates a positive classroom atmosphere but also teaches students to be patient with themselves and with each other in the learning environment.

Grows Respect

Patience promotes respect because of the way in which students view a teacher. If the teacher is patient with a student, that care translates to feelings of admiration and care. When students feel positive about your class, they make an effort to arrive early and do their best because they respect your time.

Promotes Overall Growth

Try to be exemplary, patience promotes overall growth for teachers and students alike. Keep in mind that each experience grows us if we pay attention. When patience is practice, the growth is more valuable and students learn to understand and not to just pass.

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