5 Specs an online English teacher’s computer needs

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Jesus.B, Online English Teacher at Acadsoc.

Jesus.B, Online English Teacher at Acadsoc.

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There are many factors that can influence teaching and a major component of that is the kind of computer that a teacher has. There are many computers which can do the job quite well but teachers must adhere to the minimum requirements that are stipulated in platforms such as Acadsoc to ensure an effective teaching and learning experience.


The computer needs to have adequate disk space to ensure that the class recordings are saved properly and any materials can be saved to help in preparing for the class. Space allows for new and efficient apps to be installed and that they will run smoothly. Imagine a computer like a car that when full, cannot perform efficiently, so the more space your computer has, the less strain it has and the more you can store on it.


The RAM is like an engine in the computer. It helps the computer run different programs faster and optimally. The current requirement by all ESL is a minimum of a RAM that is 2GB (gigabytes). This will make sure that the applications such as QQ, Skype or E-Classroom can run concurrently and seamlessly as possible.


Cabled connectivity is very important and although Wi-Fi is acceptable, the connection needs to have at least an upload and download of 2Mbps either way. This can be achieved using Wi-Fi, but using cabled connection is much more reliable.


Working online can expose your computer to so many threats that may influence your computer’s performance and safety. It is important to have an antivirus like Avast which can be downloaded for free over the internet. This will protect your computer against any threats.

Allow for Different Webcams and Headsets to be Used

Make sure that your computer can accept different denominations of headset and camera configurations (mic and audio jack or USB) to safeguard in the event you need to use a backup camera or headset. This will minimize any issues that are faced in the future.

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