Roxanne.O: I Can’t Imagine That I Have The Things I Wished to Have Before.

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Roxanne.O:I Can’t Imagine That I Have The Things I Wished to Have Before


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QUESTION: Ms. Anne, how did you discover your passion in teaching?

Oh, teaching has become my greatest passion since I was in Primary School. In my early age, my Aunt who’s been teaching in Primary School was able to train me. I was used to being a teacher to my classmates whenever my Aunt wasn’t around. I can’t deny the fact that I love Math so I wanted to be a Math teacher. To be honest, I really don’t like English at all. I don’t like to be judged by people because of my grammar slips since there’s a lot of Grammar Nazis in my country.

QUESTION: Have you ever dreamt of being a teacher?

I dreamt to be a teacher when I was young, but I wasn’t able to pursue it since my parents wanted me to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). I lost all my hopes, but I didn’t lose the passion. Later on I had the opportunity to teach young learners when I was in University.

QUESTION: How do you define Acadsoc, Ms. Anne?

Acadsoc is a dream come true for me despite the fact that English was not my first love. When I left the tutorial, I tried to apply to some ESL Companies. Acadsoc was my first choice since I heard a lot of positive feedback about this company. And yeah, the feedback is real! I am happily teaching in this company for over a year now. I learned many things. My Tutor Manager has been my strength and inspiration. She is not only a tutor manager for me but also she has become “my mother” . To my beloved DS, I love you, Mother Ada! You’re the best.

QUESTION: Ms. Anne, what do you love about this company?

Acadsoc has been giving me confidants, companions and family.The staff are great, my colleagues are approachable and students are nice. I learned a lot about the Chinese culture, and their language! I became a Chinese fan.

QUESTION: How did Acadsoc change your life?

Because of Acadsoc, I’ve become patient, understanding, creative, friendly, teachable and talkative. I have changed! I mean, I have changed a lot!  I’ve become independent too. I can’t imagine that I have the things I wished to have before. I got an air conditioner. I renovated 2 rooms in my house. Also, I’ve gotten a dog I have been wishing for- a shih tzu pup. More to go :”>















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