What should I do when my direct supervisor is off duty and most CS are on leave during the Spring Festival

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Acadsoc, Ltd. Online ESL Courses provider.

Acadsoc, Ltd. Online ESL Courses provider.

Dear teachers and visitors,

The most important festival in China: The Spring Festival is around the corner. Acadsoc wishes all of you a happiest Chinese New Year!

Since most of our staffs in China are going to return to their hometown for a reunion with their families, we won’t be able to handle teachers’ concerns, problems and inquiries in time during the Spring Festival.

In case you have no idea what to do when facing any emergency or unexpected situation when conducting classes, we have warmly prepared a list of all you need to know during February 15- February 22.

There will be tutor managers on duty every day during the Spring Festival except for February 16, 17 and 18, which means no one can help you plot your schedules then!If your schedule is not yet plotted by your DS before he/she leaves for the holiday, please contact other TMs on duty.

Please only contact the TM on duty and not to disturb other TMs while they are on leave, or your message may distract their attention while there are other teachers asking for help when the TM is back to work.
Please note, you have to bring up your schedule to our staff at least 24 hours ahead of the class time. If you fail to fulfil this requirement, your schedule will not be taken by our TM.

E.g. If you want to open 7-11pm slots on February 20, please contact tutors managers on duty on February 19 before 7pm.

As usual, please send a notification on what happens to Chinese CS via QQ/Skype. If you cannot click ‘CS assistance’ button in teacher system, please contact our CS in the Philippines via:

For Call: 022875058

For Call and SMS: Globe-09177124741

For Call and SMS: Smart-09084223844

Or you can call or SMS your HR/trainer (If you don’t know their mobile number, please ask them via Skype or ask your DS).

Or you can leave a comment on this post, there will be IT supervising the blog posts during the Spring Festival.

When you are calling our staff member in the Philippines, please clearly state your TUID, tutor name, situation, the name of DS.

Please do not send your message directly to every CS you know because most of them will be on leave as well during the Spring Festival.

Please note that any of your cancellation, no matter it is your responsibility or not, must be duly recorded by Acadsoc.

Please carefully reserve your chat record/history with any of Acadsoc staff asking for cancellation in Skype, QQ, Wechat, Phone call, SMS and blog comment. Those who disappear without any notification and connection will be definitely taken as ‘Absence for your classes’ and penalized.

If you have any further concern with cancellation, PAB, and penalty, please bring all the necessary evidence (including the proof of force majeure, the proof of your talking/texting to any Acadsoc staff, the proof that you were still trying to conduct classes under such unexpected situation) to your DS when he/she is back to work.

Please note only your DS has the right to handle such case, other TMs on duty can only handle emergency situations, not including to take care of your penalty.

We strongly suggest you make a screenshot when every time you clock in the system, no matter successfully or not. Please make sure the screenshot has clearly shown the time and date of your clock in. You can do it via QQ (Ctrl+Alt+A) or other third-party software/website.

If you encounter such problems frequently (>1 time per month), please switch to another address to log in:

If it still does not work, please use your cell phone to access these websites and clock in.
Or, as mentioned above, reserve a screenshot every time to prove that you have clocked in on time.

Please carefully reserve all chat records between you and the student and hand them to your DS later when he/she is back to work. If you are not sure about which student fire the complaint on you, you can turn to other TMs on duty to give you the class time and contact detail of the student.

Please note: Only your DS has the right to handle your complaints, other TMs will only be able to notify you when and from which student this complaint arises. If you keep bothering other TMs to prove that you are innocent from the complaint or re-send your proofs to your DS, you may face another complaint from the TM of diverting one’s distraction and forcing them to do what they are not entitled to.

Unless there is a clear notification from your DS such as:
TM XXXX will handle your complaint when I am on leave from XX/XX (when) to XX/XX (when). Please carefully and patiently code with him/her, thank you….

Please use ‘CS Assistance’ button immediately to tell CS to switch to another tutoring tool such as Skype/QQ and do not keep trying to access by yourself. Teachers’ successfully conducting the class to your student, by all means, is always the priority of Acadsoc. If there is no reply from CS, please contact TMs on duty to give you the contact details of the student (QQ number and Skype ID).

If you encounter such problem more than twice a day, TMs on duty and CS will work together to temporarily ban the student who wants to have classes via Eclass/Classin to book your classes for a while.

And please, turn to your DS ASAP once he/she is back to work to do a test with you in Eclassroom/Classin to fix the problem.

Please note:

CS/ other TMs on duty are not obliged to fix Elcass/Classin access problems for you.

If you can access the class in Eclass/Classin, but cannot hear the student, cannot upload material, etc. in the classroom, please contact CS via ‘CS Assistance’ ASAP to help you.

However, CS will be very busy during the Spring Festival and their replay might be too late for you, please make good preparation before using Classin by watching this video:

Or you can ask other TMs on duty to send you a full copy of Classin instruction in Word Document.

Please try at least 3 times calling the student or let student call you before switching to other software.

Check your internet Speed at
Please note: If the CS did not do a test call with you, the screenshot of the internet speed test will be the only available evidence for you to prove you are innocent. As mentioned above, when facing a complaint or cancellation due to a bad connection, teachers, as the defendants are obliged to provide Acadsoc with proofs to claim your innocence. Anyone who fails to do so will be taken as responsible for the fault.

If you cannot see the call from your student in QQ or you cannot pick up the call, please make sure: Both of you are using the same version of QQ (both QQ Chinese/both QQ International); You do not log into QQ in your cell phone or any other mobile device concurrently when you have logged in QQ on computer; Your internet connection is good enough (as proved by speed test).

As all of our accountants and other staffs in liquidation department will be on leave for Spring Festival from Feb 15 until Feb 21, your next payment will be delayed until Feb 23. If you have any concern regarding the amount of your payment (incentives and penalties), please contact TMs on duty on Feb 22 for clarification and assistance.
If the TM on duty has no right to wipe out penalty or add a bonus for you, please remind your DS about the situation when he/she is back. A manual deduction/addition of money to your account can be made by your DS in the payout on March 1.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience of such delay and we promise to improve the payroll system in 2018 to reduce the possibility of the delay of payment.

Please make sure that you have added your students ahead of time. Refresh your time every 1 hour and see if there is a new booking. When there are some new bookings, add the student immediately. You shall have enough time to ask your DS or CS about the answer to the security question or the correct address of the student. If you hurry to add your student till right before the last moment of the class begins, please take full responsibility for your lateness or any other related complaints from the student.

Please watch the videos for more details:

Please bring the Class IDs of the missing class remarks to any TM on duty. When there is no TM around on Feb 15,16 and 17, please keep a list of all class remarks not yet opened and hand it to TM on duty on Feb 18.

Please note: Re-open class remarks are in a low priority to handle compared with any other problems above, so please patiently wait till it is fixed.

If there is a missing class remark, then the class will be taken as unfinished and it will not be included in your next payment, please be careful.

Usually, CS will lock a slot when:

There is a student reserved for it; They failed to contact you and to avoid more cancellation, to lock the vacant slots of the day;

TM will lock a slot when:

They failed to contact you and to avoid more cancellation, to lock the vacant slots of the day; You ask other TM or your DS to block some of them;There is a special arrangement/activity for you to take at that time; Most of your classes remain vacant for days, to avoid huge amount of waste of classes.

If you want to unlock the slots, please contact any TM on duty. TM will confirm with the one who locked them before. And please note this is any low priority case for TM to handle as well, which means it may take some time.

If a slot remains locked, it will not be included in your salary.

If you cannot see anything in your class table or it says page not found, please switch to another domain to log in your tutor account again:

If it still does not work, you can use your cellphone to access the system and check student contact details and then conduct classes on the computer.

If both your PC and cell phone cannot help you, you can contact TM on duty to send you the details of several incoming classes later, including student name, contact details, and textbook.

If there is no high-lightened textbook for your student, please contact CS or TM (if you cannot use ‘CS assistance’ button) to inform the student to choose a material.

We are sorry for the inconvenience brought by Spring Festival and we sincerely wish you can pardon our staffs at Acadsoc to reunite with their families once in a year.

Please feel free to leave a comment on this post if there is anything emergency.

Happy Chinese New Year and wish you a good health and better teaching performance this year!


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