Ways on how to relieve the stress of an online English teacher

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Teacher Marife.S, Online ESL teacher at Acadsoc.

Teacher Marife.S, Online English teacher at Acadsoc.

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Stressed out? Well, I can personally relate to that. Being tired is different from being stressed; stress is a mixture of anxiety, uneasiness and tiresomeness jumbled into one big bowl. That’s undoubtedly a big load, especially if taken several hours a day, 5-6 days a week. Here I would like to share some tips on how to reduce stress. I know being an online English teacher is a very demanding job; it requires lots of skills, tons of patience and most of all leaps and leaps of energy. Dealing with different students, one from a higher level, then a lower one in consecutive classes- this is really hard! I think this topic is really relevant for us, as online English teachers. Now…let’s begin lessening or even relieving stress altogether!

Pour it out! Don’t make your negative emotion accumulated!

The first tip I would like to give is to find a let out. Meaning, find the most comfortable outlet you can possibly get and use it. It can be forms of recreation like reading, writing, sports, etc., etc. Some can even get relieved just from shouting out loud! Whatever it may be, make sure it is worth you spending your time for.

Turn to your family for helpSince we are online English teachers who are restricted by certain rules and disciplines, not to complain to our students, but to keep positive when facing them. The safest way and the quickest way I found is to talk to your family, to your wife/husband. Some may argue that I don’t want to share something negative with my family members especially to kids, well, that makes sense. How to solve it? When you are complaining and beefing, they can put on their headset and listen to music. It does not matter if they really care about your complain and emotion. We human beings are complaining, not to seek for a solution, just to spilt out something. What you are looking for from your listeners is some time to listen to your story, not to spend the time helping you out.

Good night’s sleep and breaks during working time

Here we face our enemy, the one the modern era has granted us. Multimedia. While lying in bed, we tend to scroll thru our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Some experiments prove that the use of smartphones, tablets, laptops or any form of technology sets the brain cells into a very active mode. These cells will cause stimuli to travel all across our system, thus preventing sleep. So, it would be advisable to stay away from these things before bedtime. Some people, on the other hand, fail to get a good night’s rest due to the large number of ideas that pop into their minds before sleeping. A way to be able to get rid of these ideas is writing them into sheets of paper like a diary. This is a very clever, even though some might think it a too old-school way of keeping those ideas at calm.

In-work breaks are important, too. A 15 minutes’ nap or relaxing can entirely refresh someone. The best way to keep health, as suggested by my doctor, is to organically combine stress and relax. If stressing or relaxing for longer than 2 hours will be harmful to your health.

Eat healthily

Thirdly; getting a good and healthy meal every time. Here we usually fall into. Online teachers usually have a full day’s schedule, which means less time for them. I remember once when I was still a home-based tutor and I had more zeal than brains; I fell into this. I scheduled my day from a very early hour in the morning till a very late hour at night. Yes, I had breaks once in a while, but I really pushed myself then. I fell sick after a while since I was using my break time for sleeping all the time, neglecting that I need to eat a swell. Lesson learned I arranged my schedule for the better of myself and my students too.

As I know, some teachers may eat a lot of junk foods to relieve themselves after working for a long time. Though it is their pleasure, and maybe the most effective way to relax, I still have to say ‘NO’ to junk food. Like cigarettes, it brings up an illusion of relaxing by cheating our brain but you may feel even more tired and exhausted than before once the effect of nicotine is gone.

Find some hobbies for yourself

Find yourself a hobbyLastly, something I always loved doing… TRAVELLING. Yes, exploring the places beyond your reach is actually the best way to relieve stress. Going places, seeing nature and bonding with family and friends is the nicest way to forget all the worries of your job may carry. When travelling, you need not search for the expensive tours provided by travel agencies. In my next article I promise to discuss the ways of travelling like a pro, but with low cost and affordable prices. If you don’t have an aptitude for exploration or long trips; visits to parks and some bars or restaurants will be a solution. You can just hang-out in these places with family and friends, and share a story-telling marathon over a barbeque or a picnic.

Here is how I release the stress that gets into my system due to my job. What about you?

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