Good first impression of teachers is a key to success in online teaching

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By Emmy Wang, training and eLearning specialist at Acadsoc                                                                                            

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Video as an example


For online teachers, what is your very first impression you can give to your students?

That’s right. The background you have and the lighting!

Sometimes I see teachers doing online teaching in her living room. The sunlight shoot into the living room make the background very bright, and the teacher’s face is very dark in front of the camera. Not only that, I living room? It does not make you look professional at all.

Good first impression of teachers is a key to success in online teaching

There also are teachers teaching without a light on when they teach during the night. Even during the day, the sunlight shooting also make shadows in the room. This doesn’t help your first impression at all.


Now what should you do to give the best impression?



In the background to make yourself look professional in the e-classroom, you can use maps, flashcards, balloons or even a collage of pictures of happy students to enlighten your students interest in the “classroom”. Teaching in your living room and have the whole living room as a background, is not going to help. So It’s better to have a wall, and put some something like I mentioned before on the wall.


Lighting & Noise

Please make sure you have proper lighting and a noise-free environment. All audio and video/lighting should be tested before you begin your class. Specially the lighting. You need to make sure that your face is clear on the video. so the student can see you clearly. I recommend you to have some lights on your desk. Specially in the evening.


Position in front of the camera


Also you need to make sure that you don’t sit too close to your camera. It doesn’t look nice when the student can only see your eyes or nose on the video. So make sure that your whole face and your shoulders are able to appear on the video.

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