IELTS for teachers, what is it?

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Anarica Vidal

Anarica Vidal, Online ESL teacher at Acadsoc

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Teachers please…

I-Ignite to

E- Elevate the

L- Lives of our

T- Talented

S- Students   

“It’s not how much time you have. It’s how you use it.”- Ekko Montage (A character in League of Legends)

We may seem to panic every time we ask our students, “When is the date of your exam? Next week teacher, student answered”.

As a teacher, we are very desperate to lift the students’ performance for we want them to achieve their longings- their dreams.

There are precautions that we might want to adhere. For instance, we need to face the fact that these students are already geared up by the scholastic standings based on their educational backgrounds. We should not belittle them simply because they cannot express their thoughts instead we befriend them. The truth is, they have tons of information already stored up but laying them down is the tough part and here is the part where we need to intervene.

Technically, as teachers we also serve as doctors finding remedies on the problems of our students. To begin with our prescriptions, we need to know their capabilities, we need to determine their issues, and we come in to mold the innate potentials that they have. Simply because IELTS is not about being able to know all the information of the world- it is indeed a subjective type of exam where we are being tested of how well we can understand and express it out. Precisely! It can come in a form of exam but in a manner of just like the normal way of talking to people in the speaking part.

Students do come to be assessed of their mistakes and not to be scolded. They come here to be better and not to be worsened.

We all want to be better and be effective. Start it with a simple way of embracing them in terms of acceptance, comfort, assurance and application. Then on, we can see them fly to their dreams.

We can make things possible only when we address it properly.

Now the question is, are you ready? Definitely! We all are!


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  1. Drew    

    This is totally true – we should embrace the reality. Its a great opener for every teacher.



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