Acadsoc Spring Festival video contest-from online English teachers!

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Acadsoc, Online ESL courses Provider.

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‘Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.’
-Harriet Tubman

Acadsoc Spring Festival Contest has come to an end. As a return to the Christmas greetings sent by students last time, we received 50 videos in 13 days, from January 11 until January 23. Many home-based and office-based teachers attended this contest and showed us their great potential in script and props preparation, generating new ideas and real-time videography. You have proved yourself as the pioneers at Acadsoc who dare jump out of their comfort zone and try something new and challenging.  We deeply appreciate your work and effort.

Hereby, as promised, we will release the ranking of your submitted videos and teachers who rank 4th-50th please pay attention to system notice for more details of your award.

Top video: Teacher Justine.O
Most innovative video: Teacher Nicole.Ma and Teacher Charline.

4th-10th videos (In no particular order): Teacher Abigael.N, Teacher Patrick.G, Teacher Luna, Teacher Maeanne.B, Teacher Roy, Teacher Irish, Teacher Leah.C.

11th-50th videos (In no particular order): 

Teacher Lea.R, Teacher Jenny.J, Teacher April, Teacher April.T, Teacher Arlene.T, Teacher Antanas, Teacher Bessie, Teacher Cherie.T, Teacher Florence.M, Teacher Giancarlo, Teacher Jobert, Teacher Lyn, Teacher Maria.B, Teacher Marie.B,  Teacher Maureen.S, Teacher Olia, Teacher Penelope, Teacher Philline.S, Teacher Rolyn, Teacher Shine, Teacher Sophia, Teacher Steve.B, Teacher Cris.A, Teacher Jud.C, Teacher Roxette.S, Teacher Liya, Teacher Maribel.R

Thank all of you for joining this contest! If you did not win this time, don’t give up, you have already learned how to win next time!

If you have submitted your work but your name is not listed or you have any concern regarding your award, please contact Billy: live:billyzhang_1

Want to know more about Chinese Festivals?

Want to know more about Chunyun? The biggest population move every year in the world!

For you to say or type Chinese Greeting to your students:

Happy Chinese New Year!–新年快乐

Wish you wealthy this year!–恭喜发财

Wish you a healthy body this year!–身体健康

Wish you make progress in your studying!–学习进步

Wish you go smoothly in your work!–工作顺利

Wish you to stay together with your family during Spring Festival!–阖家团圆

Acadsoc wishes all our staff members, Online English teachers and students a happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year Online English teachers at Acadsoc


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