A beautiful accident, being a full-time mom and part-time teacher.

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Jon.R, Online English teacher at Acadsoc.

Jon.R, Online English teacher at Acadsoc.

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Full-time mom, Part-time teacher.

It was an ACCIDENT!!

I meet Acadsoc accidentally when I was looking for my daughter’s school project on the internet. I never thought about getting myself a new job, primarily as an online English teacher, which I never heard of before.

Full-time mom? People think that being a fulltime mom is doing nothing but doing housework. Stay-at-home mom? Probably you suppose I do shopping, hairdressing and watching TV the whole day.

I just wanted to share how Acadsoc impacted my family and myself as the full-time mother of two loveable kids. Balancing work and life seemed impossible for me in the past, how I could leave my kids alone when working in an office? Till I subsequently found the answer: work at home as an online English teacher.

Online English teacher Jon.R with her kidsWhy not work comfortably at home? It is great! Because for me, being a full-time mom is like a profession as well. Because I cannot be a full-time mom without passion. My love and passion have always been my fuel to raise my kids and teach them not only academic lessons but lessons in life too. I agreed with Teacher Cel, teaching English online helps teach English to your kids and online education is somehow related to homeschooling.

Give it a try! During my interviews and my demo, I felt so worried but I was lucky to have my husband supports me as always, and kids backed me by sharing their toys that I needed to the demo class. Like in a summer camp with our kids, we work together, laugh together and achieve success together! This job is really meant for my kids and for me because all our efforts pay in return!

teacher Jon as an online English teacherWhen I had my first student, I almost cried out because I was so scared but also excited. My kids, my little angles, they asked me who my student was and if I needed to use their toys. I realised I am not alone in my classes, where my family always stand by and support me.  I am also confident to teach them because the trainers here in Acadsoc trained me well and also I have my supervisor who always there to help and believe in me.

As a mother, wife and teacher is a big responsibility and obligation that I need to do every day. I believe it takes time and patience to carefully find the balance among them. Neither to lose my family nor to be irresponsible to my students.

7 months and counting of sleepless nights. My day starts at 4:30 in the morning as a mother and ends at 11:00 in the evening as an online English teacher. It was hard at first. However, seeing and knowing that all my hard work is appreciated, which all paid off and gives me more energy to work harder. Every time hearing ‘thank you’ from my students touches me deep in mind as hearing ‘I love you’ from my children.

Time, days, and months go by I noticed that being a mom and a teacher are the same. I treat my students as my own kids, I love and cherish every 25 minutes of our class. Some of my students treat me also as their mom and some as their sister. Every day I meet different kinds of people here in Acadsoc. Different personalities. More patients and more enjoyable moments. Students and Acadsoc are part of my life.

I always thank God for sending Acadsoc to help me to grow for myself and especially to reach my dreams for my family, and I can say that full-time moms are the most powerful women I know.

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  1. lakeside    

    Jon.R is a funny and talented teacher,I love her classes very much!

  2. Alisa    

    She is a very interesting teacher for me!

  3. jack    

    This is one of the best English teachers I’ve ever met. First of all,Her pronunciation is very standard.Secondly,She was always patient to correct each pronunciation of mine. One of the most common sentence what she said was reading slowly and not eating the letter. Finally,as she said“Full-time mom, Part-time teacher.”Not only care about your English, but you also care about your life. I like her very much and look forward to making a great progress of English with her help.

  4. Angel    

    Jon.R is such a good teacher i’ve met .She is carful and conscientious .She always points each mistake i’ve made,and we correct it together.We always have fun in lessons.

  5. carol    

    She’s a talkative teacher and a good friend

  6. Lillian    

    I really like the teacher.She is so lovely and interesting,and her pronunciation is very good.She always encourage me to say more, bold a bit ,I learned a lot from her .thank her very much for giving me help ,I will always support her .

  7. sunriseQ    

    Jon.R is good at teaching!really enjoy taking classes with her

  8. 子轩    

    She is a very professional teacher and a mother who loves children very much. What she sees is that she creates wealth for herself, her children, her family, and all her love in her own way. Love you.

  9. 齐涵羽    

    I really love Teacher Jon’s classes because she is nice and patient. Her slots are quite well-received among students, which means I have to bitterly compete with other students just for her class.

  10. Jolin    

    She is a very lovely teacher, and I like to take classes with her!

  11. mary    

    she is a very nice teacher. our class is always full. of happiness and fun. she is a good listener who has great patience.

  12. Mourine    

    Jon.R is a talented teacher,I am impressed by her teaching and her positive attitude toward life.

  13. cjl    

    She is a good teacher, and whenever she talks with her, she can relax.

  14. Sandy    


  15. Ken    




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