My teacher, My Hero! My student, My Power!

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“My teacher, My Hero! My Student, my Power! ”

I love this job and it makes me Who I am!

Anarica Vidal, Online ESL teacher at Acadsoc

Anarica Vidal, Online ESL teacher at Acadsoc

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Being in a realm of this profession is never easy. You are always in the limelight where you need to fathom all the queries with so much enthusiasm.

One of the best things in teaching English online is we get the smiles from our students. They have smiled because they were able to achieve their goals. They will say, “Thank you, teacher! but I always say, No dear, thank you- because you did your best and I was just an instrument”. The moment they come back and give you the results of what they were working with you for the past months-such a relief in the voice boxes of our online English teachers. And it reminds me once and once again, teacher, is always a noble title.

That passion of putting so much effort is not worth it if we cannot achieve the goals of our students. That moment they will share you all the things they wanted to share stories, events- makes you feel a part of them like a family. No matter sometimes we cannot achieve things at great length, what matters most are the great moments of making them happy inside and out. We maybe heroes for them for we teach them some things beyond to what is in the book and what they know. When they say, “Woah, you are so amazing, teacher!”, a kind of happy hormone will be released and my day will be great too.

Behold all these things for us, as online English teachers, feel great and performing better because of the fact that we are all supported by our great leaders-our TM’s and boss. Therefore, teachers like me can do things beyond. Thank you so much Acadsoc Family.

Every time I am sick nor am experiencing hoarseness of voice, I still make sure I can go on for they my students make me pursue things- why?

Because they are my reasons and exactly my power and will to continue. 

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  1. Hechanova    

    What an inspiration!

  2. Valeda    

    I like your class, and you are really kind. Your article is very interesting.

  3. Lhar    

    Thank you teacher rica. Keryp up the good work..

  4. DeAn    

    Its truly a good one



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