Keywords this week: KZ Tandingan from the Philippines and Campus Shooting in Florida

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Do you still remember two keywords brought up by Acadsoc last time?

Moon and Volcano

Though we cannot see the Super Blue Blood Moon again in our lifetime, Mayon Volcano is still erupting.

And here comes our latest keywords!

Keyword: KZ Tandingan

A singer who won the championship in The X Factor Philippines 2012 and 1,000,000 pesos after attending a prized TV show called The Singing Bee in 2014.

She is a Filipino, mononymously known as KZ, born in 1992. She started singing as a child but had to stop when encountered a throat problem in high school. She had graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Biology from University of Southeastern Philippines in Davao City. Some of you may even be alumnus or alumna to her!

When attending The X Factor Philippines 2012, with a jazzy version of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’, she successfully raised the interest of judges in the fourth week of their auditions. The judges even requested her to sing again after finishing the song. She selected A1’s “Ready Or Not” as her second song to show her rapping skill and after that,

“I have only one question: ‘Pwede ba akong mag-front act sa concert mo? Because a star is born in Digos,” Nievera, as one of the judges said.[i]

And she has proved herself to be the final survivor of her singing skills and the spirit ‘not to give up!’

To see her performance in The X Factor Philippines 2012:

What makes her once again the focus is because she came to China recently! To attend a TV show named the Singer. And of course, once again, she made Chinese audiences shocked with a KZ version of ‘Rolling in the Deep’!!! And once again she claimed the 1st that night!

And in the latest Episode just before Chinese New Year, she challenged herself a Chinese Song, 你不知道的痛, The Hurts You Never Knew.

To be honest, no one knows how much further she can make on the stage of the Singer. However, no matter she will be eliminated or drop down to a lower ranking in the coming episodes, she has made her name well known all across China!

Hereby, we wish KZ to take the crown again in a different country with different audiences and judges. If unfortunately, she failed, at least to fully enjoy the applause and acknowledgments from her new and old fans!

Today, the star born in Digos will shine brightly in China, to make her country, make her people proud of her in letting Chinese know that there are many excellent singers in the Philippines!


Keyword: School Shooting

17 lives were murdered and 14 others were injured by a gunman in the Florida School Shooting on February 14. Maybe it is just news and numbers to most of the people out of America, but there have been up to 18 school shootings reported in the US! It sounds incredible, in such a short time after the beginning of 2018. And what’s left for the families of the victims who have suffered for the loss of their loved ones and will now question the Trump government and Congress?



Americans are still pointing fingers at what exactly was the cause and whose responsibility to take for this bloody massacre.

The suspect, named Nikolas Cruz is just a 19-year-old taken by his classmate’s family in about a week after Thanksgiving because his adoptive mother passed away from the flu and pneumonia.

However, he did not seem to be a ‘bad student’ in high school. Cruz appears to have been involved in the high school’s Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program and he even achieved several awards, including academic achievement for maintaining a grade A in JROTC and Bs in other subjects.

As mentioned by his classmates and some of his high school peers, usually he is quiet but when there is a chance, he would like to talk and share his ideas. “He told me how he got kicked out of two private schools. He was held back twice. He had aspirations to join the military. He enjoyed hunting,” the high school senior said.[ii]

Not surprisingly, Cruz posted something dangerous and violent beforehand in social media, such as YouTube and Instagram. Something like

“I wanna shoot people with my AR-15”

“I wanna die Fighting killing s**t ton of people”

“I am going to kill law enforcement one day before they go after the good people.”

And the FBI was confirmed to receive a report for that. But his host family knew nothing of his social media activity.

However, his host family knew that Cruz owned a gun and they set up a rule that Cruz can only keep the gun in his room and lock it up. However, Cruz had the key to open the lock. And before what happened on that day, the family had no clue that Cruz intended to do something like that.

Anyway, the entire US is waiting for the latest update in the court and of course, it is hard to tell whose fault that causes such tragedy. Every party seems guilt but innocent. If only any of them have a clear picture and knew what other parties know and they don’t, then there will be a clear picture what Cruz is going to do in the next step. Unfortunately, such assumption can only remain as an assumption so far.

We all feel sorry for the victims who were killed and the injured; however, unlike the gunman who showed his dark side and caused so many casualties, there was a hero around the campus who saved many lives from the hell, which shows the bright side of mankind.



We hope the US government can improve their management on school security ASAP and prevent such cases in the future. Maybe it requires years of argument, hearings, court judges and other efforts, but schools should be a place for research and study, not for guns.



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