A breadwinner saved by Acadsoc

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Abigael NatividadAbigael Natividad, Online ESL teacher at Acadsoc


Wayback 2015, I can still remember how I was blessed and grateful when ACADSOC came into my life during the darkest point and most challenging days in my family. My father had resigned from his job. He can’t continue working since he’s aging and he’s almost at his retiring age. On the other hand, my mother has no job. She only takes care of us at home especially  my disabled brother who needs not only so much love and care but financial support. He’s a special child who’s diagnosed to have microcephaly. Mycrocephaly is a condition where there is abnormal smallness of the head, a congenital condition associated with incomplete brain development. He’s a bed-ridden. He can’t walk nor talk. He’s skinny and has no schooling. So as his big sister, I took risks and sacrificed a lot just for him. And I don’t regret doing it even on the last breath of my life. I know very well that no one in the family would shoulder everything but me. That’s how it all started as becoming the “breadwinner”.

During those down moments, I didn’t do anything but to pray everyday. When a friend asked me to join ACADSOC, I still have doubts and worries if I can be able to do this job. He explained to me how it works, and the company is really looking for a teacher who’s interested to cater and to teach Chinese students from beginners to advanced learners. I went into process of application, interview and trial classes, until my prayers were finally answered! I told myself that I will do all the best that I can to teach and inspire more students to learn English.

Honestly, when I started working at ACADSOC, I’m like a blank sheet of paper needs to be filled with thought. I didn’t have any experience at online teaching so I felt that it was really a mind-blowing.

Here in ACADSOC, I really feel at home. I was trained very well. My previous tutor managers were all approachable, friendly, and very considerate . They ‘re Helena and Emily. I would also like to say thank you to all the customer service assistant who were all ready to assist me when there’s trouble in the class. Moreover, I get to know thousands of Chinese students with different backgrounds and stories. I don’t see them as students but friends from long distance. I won’t ever forget each class that I had with those students. I always want them to believe that they can be great English speakers once they involve themselves on the fun way of learning English. And it’s all happening here at ACADSOC.

I have so many dreams to be fulfilled in the future, and I’m sure ACADSOC will help me to make those dreams come true. A billion thanks to my ACADSOC family! I’m always here to serve, and I hope, one day, in behalf of my family, I can say how grateful we are personally.


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