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Acadsoc, Online ESL courses provider.

Acadsoc, Online ESL courses provider.

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Online English teachers teaching English to learners often find themselves in a quandary looking for more supplementary materials to aid in their teaching. I mean, let’s face it. From our observation among online English teachers to some of them who happen to have so much on their plates, creating worksheets from scratch takes away so much of their time, which is understandable. Teachers are not expected to devote all of their time to teaching and creating lesson materials while leaving the rest of their personal responsibilities on the side.

Thanks to the advent of the internet, looking for supplementary materials online is easy as pie!

iSLCollective, our recommendation to all online English teachers

The Internet Second Language Collective or iSLCollective is a collaborative and collective platform for language teachers around the world where teachers can share lesson materials for free. It’s a great avenue for teachers seeking help, especially in terms of looking for creative ideas to go with their worksheets. Acadsoc highly encourages our teachers to share their tips and teaching tools, such as worksheets to iSLCollective or here, on our blog.

Acadsoc recommendation to all ESL teachers and English learners-iSLCollectiveNot only that, it also creates a safe platform for English teachers alike to interact and share best practices in teaching. All one needs to do is sign up for creating an account. Once the account is set, one can start interacting with teachers across the globe through private emails or interactions on each other’s profile walls or feeds.

iSLCollective offers a lot of interesting and helpful features that are easy to follow and navigate. One need not be too savvy to easily understand the ins and outs of their interface. There are hundreds of featured free printable worksheets available as well as downloadable Powerpoint presentations and ready-to-use YouTube videos that can go with any lessons you have.

Dropdown menus are categorized according to your preferred searches aside from the general search bar while different levels are placed accordingly with related lessons to go with them (there are 7). They have a very user-friendly website which enables users to access materials quickly and efficiently.

Indeed, they’re a huge asset for teachers. Especially among online English teachers, iSLCollective offers a variety of easy-to-use lesson materials that can easily be pulled up in a snap. Online teaching companies encourage their tutors to maximize everything they can find online.

One leading online ESL company based in China called Acadsoc pushes its teachers to utilize these well-crafted materials to ease the burden their tutors have to face by creating simple worksheets from scratch. Online English tutors working with Acadsoc are given the liberty to use them as supplementary materials as long as they reinforce and aid in tailoring specific English lessons they conduct online.

Without a doubt, iSLCollective free teaching resources help these tutors create fast, dynamic, and meaningful lesson plans to go with their teaching. And later in 2018, Acadsoc official blog will develop the same function to share materials and worksheets to better serve our teachers!

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