How to Fall In Love–By Myka Kobb

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Searching. We’re all searching for something. Something to fill a certain void, to fulfill a certain desire, or even perhaps, to change something. But how do we go about finding what we are looking for when searching makes us even more lost? How do we evade the heartache that comes with not finding what we are looking for in the time at which we had hoped to find it? Many people find themselves having all that they have always desired but find themselves lingering in a state of ‘depression’ not knowing what is missing. It’s a void that no car, job, money, fame or even ‘success’ can fill – yes, it is that four-letter word that most teenagers use with pure ignorance, a word those in their twenties and thirties chase blindly, and a word that the old people understand so effortlessly without an explanation. LOVE – that’s the word.

Marred by pure innocence and honesty, a lot of people fail to appreciate love even when it’s staring them dead in their eyes. Many people believe in two extremities: Love is everlasting romance or love is a rollercoaster of bad emotions for two people who are bad for one another but who are afraid of being lonely or is it alone? The lines seem to be blurred in that regard. A countless number of books and novels have been written and some of them have been extensively used in the classroom for English learning and literature. From Shakespeare to modern writers like our very own Myka Kobb, we can see the development of romance and the idea of love in their plays and novels. Today, many novels have become teachers in the form of instruction manuals with the promise of great results and people flock to these books but end up right where they started. This book, filled with romance to its purest degree, provokes thoughts in a way that helps us see parts of ourselves, parts that we may not want the world to know.

How to Fall In Love

Meeting the stars


The writer, who at only twenty-one is trying to find her feet and a publishing house who will publish her work, finds herself homeless. This occurs after she cannot keep her rent obligation for four consecutive months. With futile ‘side-jobs’ such as computer hacking, she can barely keep her head above water. As beautiful as Mia is, the saying ‘when days are dark, friends are few’, rings true. Having no money, not even enough for one day, and no friends to assist her or come to her rescue, where could she possibly go? The position that she is in is guaranteed to desensitize even the most romantic of hearts because right now, she needs to survive! [i]


On the other side of the proverbial world, we find Finn – a handsome bachelor who is the heir to the Laurel-Tech Empire. He was born and bred to focus on four things and four things only – Business, Business, Business – and, you guessed it, some more business. To Finn, time is money and money is time, he has none of it to waste on people or things that will not provide dividends. Having not had to struggle a day in his life, he understands that he needs to work hard to earn more – love is a foreign concept unless it’s from family. Romance is a foreign concept unless it’s adding value to his portfolio.[ii]

The meeting of these two people in the book, whose worlds are currently light-years apart, there is a cloud of intrigue. How does a broke twenty-one year old girl deal with a young mogul in the making, who has no other interests apart from business – and her, as a writer, what value could she possibly add to his life?

These are just some of the questions that come to mind as the story develops and it constantly puts you in a position to reflect on your own life – especially when Mia finds herself living in Finn’s mansion and eventually becoming Finn’s (fake) girlfriend.

They’re worlds apart, and this isn’t high school, so how the hell did Mia end up renting Finn’s mansion? And—hold your breath—becoming his fake girlfriend?[iii]

This eBook is definitely a must-read for anyone and everyone, either looking to grow in their perception or someone looking to find parallels.

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How to Fall in Love” by Myka Kobb is a beautiful books that details how one encounter can change your life and possibly change your perception of happiness, even love. Filled with subtle romance throughout, this book is definitely a book any intermediate to advanced English learner as it teaches you to reflect on your own life whilst using simple yet effective literature.

As the world becomes more and more technological, the access to English literature has become easier and easier. This means that English learning online can innovate through companies such as Acadsoc, who provide English learning through the internet.

The clients on platforms like Acadsoc are not limited to kids. In fact, many of them are teenagers and adults who use novels and e-books as a mechanism to practice on their reading skills. To avoid conflict in culture, religious and politics between you and your students, readers can be widely ranged and their genre of choice when it comes to books is romance. The addition of e-books and novels to the platform means that more students and teachers can engage on various topics that books such as this one has. Romance is just the tip of breaking the ice-berg when love is one of the universal languages on this planet that everyone can easily understand. This book, however, makes everything personal – it takes the reader on a journey where he or she can be honest with whom they really are. Sometimes the reader can even shed a tear when they realize the complexities of what true romance is.

How to Fall In LoveI highly recommended this book for any individual who is looking for a non-typical, realistic and heartfelt story for themselves as well. It teaches the reader to always be true to his or her feeling – at all times. When we look at the guilt of spilling coffee on someone who takes themselves as seriously as Finn takes himself, we do not blame Mia for the way she acts. Many of us have our own idea of romance and this book challenges our definition of what true romance really is. Is romance a feeling, and action or a combination? When it comes to real life, is romance a daily practice or is it a bold act of affection every now and then?

As the world continues to get smaller through technology, the gap between male and female, rich and poor is becoming much narrower. Although in this case Finn is rich successful male and Mia is poor & struggling female, the story could still have turned out the way it did if the roles were reversed. Most of the time we do not get what we want because we place limitations on ourselves based on preconceived ideas and notions, which make us more miserable than any love or affection could. The book’s recommendation comes from how easy to read it is and how fluid it is. It can definitely become a topic of discussion or even debate for teachers and students and learners on platforms such as Acadsoc: Can love breach the limitation set by national border, classes, income, sense of value, different culture, etc.? What do you think?

Maybe your sense of romance/love is too ideal that only exists in movies and stories. But please keep in mind that we all have the right to dream and to pay our effort for it. Don’t you want your story to be shot as a movie one day?

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  1. Riza    

    Among my Jane Austen books, my fave is Pride & Prejudice. If you’d think about it, some of the social issues brought about in this book still happens to this day; the romance between rich & poor, the status quos, etc. I found that it’s better to read the book first before watching the film adaptations of these classics, for instance, the Scarlet Letter illustrates the pressing matter of social dynamics (if I make sense). 🙂



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