Food delivery…by drones?

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Michael.O, Online English Teacher at Acadsoc.

Michael.O, Online English Teacher at Acadsoc.

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“Early prototypes of food delivery drones include the Tacocopter is a taco delivery concept utilising a smartphone app to order drone-delivered tacos in San Francisco. The revelation that it didn’t exist as a delivery system or app led to it being labelled a hoax. Considering this, it might be a great idea for future delivery system…”

Have you ever feel mad about your slow food delivery? Have you ever feel impatient that you dial the restaurant to make sure if they can speed it up? Well, drone-delivery might solve such anxiety and concern. With drones, these tiny problems will literally be solved. People have all kinds of concern-will others pick up my food?will the drone misunderstand my address? Will drones hit obstacles or fall from the sky on their way? Can drones really carry such weight with them?… Notably after Uber driverless car caused a death recently, the public is more sensitive and cautious facing humanless robots.

how delivery drone works

However, there is a famous saying that no one will give up eating if fear to be choked. Delivery drones are now a focus for Amazon (Amazon Prime Air), Google (Project Wing) and Shunfeng (the largest express service provider in China) in the coming decade.

Though critics and doubts arose, questioning if commercialised delivery drones are just a beautiful fantasy, it won’t stop designers and researchers in improving their products to achieve their dreamed drones. In their plan, delivery drones must be:

Much faster than human

Typically a delivery man will use transportations such as cars, motorcycles or even bikes. When they encounter a traffic jam or accident, they might be late for your ordering. With no doubt, drones have no limitation in the sky, nor facing traffic jams or accidents. They will strictly follow the schedule calculated by their CPU (Central Processing Unit)/NPU (Neural Processing Unit). No worry anymore about late delivery or arguing with delivery men for their lateness. More importantly, the food would be fresher and tastier if decreasing the time of transfer and retain.

Much safer than human

Drones are being tested on purpose for extreme environments such as raining, snowing, thundering, coldness and strong wind. You don’t’ have to worry if their food gets wet or cold. The drones itself can survive through impact and crash (usually they have an automatic function of obstacle avoidance ) or unexpected weather. The container which protects that food you ordered is designed to retain heat and be waterproof. When the drone hit an obstacle by accident, though it rarely happens, the automatic rebalance system and anti-shock outlook will minimise the possible damage to the drone and your food.


delivery droneDrone for food delivery will be a trend in the future, there’re still a lot of things for its developing such as cost and system building. Things will be solved through times, and people always look forward to the day it comes. As the technology quickly advancing, drones can also be upgraded to AI-based, being smarter than ever. Drones can be self-controlled just like driverless vehicles, and their processing units will get closer to human brains, along with progress in algorithms.

Skytower isn’t built in a day, but the bright future is foreseeable because there is a vast and unchanged demand for food delivery all the time. No matter how food is delivered from restaurant to your table, people would still love to see the smile on their face when their food arrived. No need to worry if delivery employees will lose their jobs, they can update themselves to whom control and supervise the drones. Human’s position still can’t be replaced entirely by AI or robots. Robots don’t have better emotional expression or communicating skill than we have.

Maybe this dream will remain a dream in the coming 10 years. However, as the invention of aeroplanes and trains, time will prove that our imagination is correct and practical.

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