Feeling tired? Maybe you can try these…

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Erick, Online English teacher at Acadsoc and experienced business counsellor.

Erick, Online English teacher at Acadsoc and experienced business counselor.

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Have you ever feel tired very easily? Maybe even an entire week?

Sometimes if you feel sleepy all the time, it’s a side effect of certain medications, lack of exercise, excessive alcohol consumption, hypothyroidism, diabetes or over-drain your energy. Whatever the cause, feeling sleepy during the day can affect your productivity, make your irritable to be around, and wreak absolute havoc in both your professional and personal life.

Here’re some tips which might be useful for you

Try to Listen to Some Music

Choose one of your favorite artists and play their songs when you’re free. Music can make you feel more relax and be able to release all your stress. If you want to dance, then you should play it loud!

Take a Walk

You’ll feel sleepy if you sit on the chair for too long. There’re so many great things to do during the day, you can take a short walk in order to breathe fresh air and stay relaxed. Make your body move and keeps your blood flowing. It’ll also be great for your health.

Avoid Carbohydrates As Much As Possible

You might already know there are certain foods which might cause you some trouble with sleep issues. In order to stay wide awake, you really should avoid the certain foods below. Alcohol, Pastries, Potatoes, White rice, Pasta, Processed or smoked meat, Cereals or foods that contain high fructose corn syrup and also avoid coffee after your morning cup or two.

Drink More Green Tea

After your morning coffee, make the switch to green tea. Green tea is different than other teas that it’ll give you energy all day long. Green Tea can also make your brain fresher and there’s no harm as well. Start to drink green tea today and make you feel tired or exhausted.

Do More Exercise

This is one of the most important things if you don’t want to feel tired. Stretching your body and start doing exercise today! It will not only bring you the joy of sensation but also will make your body fitter. In order to improve your health, getting just 30 minutes of exercise at least five days each week will go a long way towards improving overall sleep quality and fighting off daytime exhausted. Getting more outdoor exercise in a natural setting will provide you with the most benefits.Do More Exercise

Eat Healthy Food

In order to prevent not feeling tired later on in the day, always remember eating breakfast. Healthy and yummy breakfast will give your brain enough nutrition it needs to stay alert so that you can be more productive during the day. Skipping breakfast will make you in low blood sugar, which will make you feel weak, sleepy, and might give you a headache as well. You’ll also feel can’t concentrate easily.

Choose a good breakfast that includes low fat, high protein foods. There’re some good choices such as eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, fresh fruit, oatmeal, nuts, and smoothies. Also, you have to avoid eating heavy lunches that include things like pasta and bread.

Having Enough Sleep

Here’s one of the most important things again. The reason why you constantly feel tired is probably that you sleep less. The average person (adult) will sleep 7-9 hours a day. If you sleep less than that, then we might have an answer why you feel tired all the time. Enough sleep will give you more energy and you’ll be able to feel better tomorrow. You can also take a nap during the lunch break. A little nap will make you feel better in the whole afternoon. Start it tonight, sleep earlier than you could, and get up at the same time the next day.


There’re still some certain ways to avoid sleepy and exhausted during the day. Even though you might sleep enough or follow the instruction of what article might teach you, you might still feel tired. We’re human beings but not robots for obviously. Feeling tired is still a normal thing for us. Be positive as always and don’t be mad, a smile can make you healthier. Joy and happiness will definitely make you relaxed. So try to be more positive if you feel sleepy. Watch some movies or play some games. Enjoy your day!


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