Latest News/ Acadsoc’s new product conference held in Beijing, presented the “Online Foreign Teacher for Pupils”.

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Latest News/ Acadsoc’s new product conference held in Beijing, presented the “Online Foreign Teacher for Pupils”.


On August 21st, Acadsoc held the “Universal English Force” press in Beijing. The company officially launched the new “Acadsoc’s: Online Foreign Teacher for Pupils”. The new “Deep Inertial Learning Method” and “25+N” cyclic immersing classroom model were fully analyzed. The full essay had 2026 words, which recommended reading in 5 minutes.



“Seven years. Neither long or short, many people say seven years is a turning point, but it also witnessed Acadsoc’s growth. It is not easy to find a new company, especially finding it on such a competitive “Online Education” industry…” At the press, Wong Xi, a well-known CCTV host, introduced Acadsoc which kicked off the launch of 2018 “Universal English Force” new products


Will AI replace human beings in the future?


Anson Wong, founder and CEO of Acadsoc, believes that the popularization of the Internet is transforming the traditional forms of various industries. With the help of science and technology, the development of education in the future will undoubtedly evolve in an intelligent and personalized direction. Thus, the establishment of training institutions is also highly inspired.


At present, the pattern of training industry is scattered for a long time, which with the market share of Top 10 accounting less than 4%. With the upgrade of education consumption, pursuing high-quality resources and excellent services has become an indispensable demand of consumers.


Based on the trend of social development and the current situation of the industry pattern, Acadsoc launched the first online English education product specifically for primary school students– Acadsoc online foreign teacher for pupils.



After 7 years of development, Acadsoc has established it’s unique advantages with over 4000 global foreign teachers, independently developing the AI oral APP with “Acadsoc Oral Show”, online foreign teachers’ classroom “A-Classroom”. At the same time, we have reached strategic cooperation with NGL and Kyocera. No matter in the product or the management, Acadsoc always maintains first-class on the online education industry.


With positioning such as: “Chinese children love learning more” and focusing on primary students, Acadsoc launched the online primary schools’ foreign teachers, aiming at helping them master the correct learning methods, forming a deep inertia through obtaining a progressive sense of achievement, finally “falling in love with English, can’t stop learning”.


Will AI replace humans in the future? It is uncertain yet, because nowadays education  helps children to be smarter than AI while human beings will evolve again.


If there’s a will, there’s a way?



The Acadsoc Language Institute was founded in 2017. With a long-term theoretical research discovers that English, as a tool of exchanging ideas and communication, should be improved through constant practice, and without any shortcuts. During the long process of learning, only being persistent and developing the habit of learning can achieve success. Therefore, deep inertia is the key to success in language learning.


Jazz Lee, director of the Acadsoc Language Institute, said: Deep inertial learning method combines Hook Model (addiction design Model) and Octalysis Model (human-oriented design Model). Based on the comprehensive model (Hook& Octalysis), the proposed “learning journey” will form the “trigger- action- reward- investment” addiction closed loop, and solve the artificial duplication of the “random behavior- habit- deep habit- addiction” process.


25+ N Model?



Katrina, director of Acadsoc curriculum development, presented a new classroom model of “25+N”, which follows the “trigger – action- reward- engagement” cycle of addiction.


The 25-minute class will complete the “trigger- action- reward” link through the games-based interface design. It can mobilize the children’s interest of the task, then trigger their actions,  set a variety of reward forms, and finally achieve the arousing learning drive of children to the greatest extent. The letter N, representing different forms of “homework”, children’s input will trigger the next round of closed loop start, which will be repeated to achieve the “constant” effect.


Fall in love with English, and can’t stop?



The host Wong Xi, the founder and CEO of Acadsoc Anson Wong, co-CEO Jazz Lee, NGL manager in southern China Su Yang, Blue Whale educational editor Zan Liyong, MaMaGo with parenting talent Miss Tang Xin attended a round table conference at the last part of the press, free talking with English. They discussed topics about who is in charge of their children’s English learning, whether should help children infatuate with English first or only study English, what is an effective learning motivation for children and so on.

From the perspective of industry, parents and education media, the guests respectively expressed and exchanged their ideas. As for the proportion of fathers in children’s education, host Wong Shared his views on children’s education, believing that the role of the fathers are becoming increasingly prominent.



Finally, Anson Wong summed up the orientation and direction of “Acadsoc online foreign teacher for pupils” and stressed that Acadsoc has been constantly seeking and exploring the most suitable English learning mode for Chinese primary school students.


At the same time, he also shared the next strategic developing step of Acadsoc with the round table guests. Acadsoc international learning center takes advantage of the mode of combination of foreign teachers, both Chinese and foreign teachers and evening auxiliary to mobilize the advantages of online and offline foreign teachers’ classes. Foreign teacher BOX helps integrate fragmented time to learn English.



In Acadsoc, more than 40 million students are satisfied with the choice. The words of “Let every Chinese primary school student have a foreign teacher” is his vision, as well as an expectation of English education. As a part of the education project, he will continue to spare no effort to promote the popularization and fairness of English education in the future.

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