Who is Acadsoc and What Acadsoc offers

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Acadsoc, Ltd. Online English courses provider


One of the most significant advantages of working from home is the vast opportunities you can find with just a few clicks on your computer, as an online English teacher. What’s more, work from home is doubtlessly the best option to balance your life.

Given the right skills, the right qualifications, the right attitude, and the right opportunity, you’ll be sure to land a job you’ll find yourself growing and earning at the convenience of your home, as an online English teacher.

To teach your students thousands of miles away, to show them your passion and profession, as an online English teacher.

ACADSOC is the fastest-growing and leading online education company based in Shenzhen, China. With more than 2000 employees and branch offices in Manila, Hong Kong, London and New York, the company continues to attract thousands of unique visitors and has currently more than 400,000 registered users in its 1-to-1 Online English Tutoring Service since August 2014.
The company believes that English as a lingua franca is a powerful tool in contributing to the language learners’ global knowledge, and ACADSOC aims to create the most efficient and diverse learning and teaching platform for both teachers and learners.
Check out what ACADSOC offers and discover how well it perfectly fits into your ideal work-from-home experience.



Anyone who loves working at home and enjoys teaching English can avail of the following:
– We still pay even no student is booking your class
– Fixed hourly rate offered with classes
Flexible schedule after passing the probationary period
– Completed class bonus
– Enrollment bonus
– Perfect attendance bonus


While ACADSOC highly values passion and creativity in teaching, the company is also looking for candidates with the right qualifications:
– Fluency in English
– Preferably a degree/certificate in Education or English
– A reliable workstation with good internet connection (3mbps)
Passion, creativity, patience, and the knack for being cheerful and responsible

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