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Acadsoc, Ltd.

Possibly the best thing about teaching from home is the opportunity to maintain a work–life balance where you can attend to your needs or your family’s while earning big at the same time. Add to that the relief of getting away from heavy traffic and daily commute from working at an office. There’s definitely a lot of exciting possibilities that teaching from home affords you.

Now the best part about teaching English at home is that while you’re earning, you also get to enjoy your interactions with your students. Because most, if not all, of your students are English learners who live in a different country, teaching them from the comfort of your home gives you the chance to enjoy cultural exchanges with your learners, and hopefully, make a difference in their lives.

Acadsoc does just that. Imagine the wonderful experience you’ll get while earning a stable income for you and your family.

Here’s why Acadsoc is the right place to fulfill that ideal work-from-home job you’ve been looking for.

Earn Big and MORE!

Earn more with Acadsoc

Base Rate

With Acadsoc’s reliable pay rates, you’re guaranteed of getting paid with what you’re working for. For every booked AND vacant class, you’re paid. So you can be sure that your effort doesn’t go unnoticed.

Enrollment Bonus

When a potential student gets a free trial class from you, you’re highly encouraged to put your best foot forward so the student will sign up for our classes. The more you get students to sign up with us, the more bonuses you get!

Completed Class Bonus

If you decide to render at least 4 hours of teaching (that’s 8 classes) each day, then you’re definitely qualified for this bonus. By completing more than 75% of your total lessons in a day, you get a 10% bonus of your base salary on that day. If you complete 100% lessons of your total lessons, you get a 20%.

Perfect Attendance Bonus

Acadsoc rewards teachers’ dedication in teaching. Once you’ve passed your probation period, you’ll be able to avail of this bonus. The important thing to remember is that persistence is the key.

How It Works

It’s really very simple. All you need to do is to create your outstanding resume and send them in to (email address) with your Skype ID. Once your resume reaches our database, you’ll be notified of your interview schedule through your mobile number, Skype or email address. So make sure you provide your updated contact information.


With so many exciting possibilities here at Acadsoc, you’ll be sure to enjoy teaching English from home while earning big. So think big. Join the Acadsoc team today.

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