Acadsoc’s First Annual Party in the Philippines

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Acadsoc’s First Annual Party in the Philippines!

Norodin PangilanBy: Norodin Pangilan, online ESL teacher at Acadsoc

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Office-based and home-based teachers were all dressed up as they attended the first annual party held in Sulu Riviera Hotel in Quezon City, Philippines last December 19, 2017. It was a night for all the teachers to celebrate the goodness of teaching with some delicious food and drinks. The party was organized by Acadsoc Quezon City Management lead by Ms. Khat Laroza together with the home base admin.  Acadsoc Quezon City started its operation last February 28, 2016 with less than 20 office base teachers.  By the end of October 2017, the site has over 30 office based teachers. According to Ms. Laroza, the annual party was a perfect time to culminate the hardships and dedications of all office base and home base teachers for the year 2017.

It was a wonderful night for everyone as they meet and greet each other together with the Mr. Johnny and his Assistant, Ms. Zoe, Mr. Billy, and DS Serena.

The early part of the party turned musical when some of the office based teachers showed their singing prowess. Luna, who is an office based teacher, sang a song called “Someone Like You”. Surprisingly, Ms. Zoe knew the song and they ended up singing together. “I didn’t know she knew the song and I was surprised when she stood up and sang with me. I was like, OMG!” said Luna. Another home based teacher named Finch was also surprised when Mr. Johnny knew the song and sang with him. “I was a bit surprised coz’ he knew the song and what was more surprising was he sang it with me. It was such a wonderful experience”, said Finch. Everyone enjoyed the singing portion of the party.

After tuning the party with some beautiful songs from the home based Acadsoc Quezon City singers, some office based and home based teachers were given recognition for their excellent performances. Era, who is an office based teacher, was awarded Top Teacher of the Year. She has been teaching for over 10 months and it was her first award. “I just love my students and I love teaching them. I am very grateful to receive such award from Acadsoc. I felt that all my efforts and dedications were paid off. I am looking forward to receive same award next year”, Era said. There were also home based teachers who were recognized for their wonderful performances.

Teachers were even more excited when the exchange gifts commenced. Each teacher has his/her own gift and randomly exchange it with the other teachers. The Masters of Ceremonies (MCs) actually facilitated the activity by asking all the teachers to form a parallel line and began passing their gifts back and forth. Joining the teachers were Ms. Zoe and Mr. Johnny. One of the teachers got lucky for receiving Mr. Johnny’s gift. The excitement was sustained until the last part of the program for all the teachers received some gifts and bags of goodies for Christmas from Acadsoc Management.

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