Acadsoc Launched Online Primary School Tutor Project, Joe Wong Hosted The Event

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Acadsoc Launched Online Foreign Teachers For Pupils


Beijing, Chinanews, August 22, China’s famous brand of online English education, Acadsoc, held a new-product event in Beijing on August 21. Focusing on “new products, new theories and new models”, Acadsoc officially launched “online foreign teacher for pupils” and “deep Inertia learning method” and demonstrated the new class mode of online foreign teacher for pupils.












The event was hosted by talk show performer Huang Xi, with his sense of humor, he made this event a fresh talk show event and discussed various topics with guests and the press about primary school students’ English learning.

Wang Zhibin, founder and CEO of Acadsoc, introduced the new “online foreign teacher for pupils” and talked about the background and original intention of this launch.

Facing the huge shortage of individualized education supply, Acadsoc has created the first English product for primary school students —“online foreign teacher for pupils”, which was based on the needs of users and aimed to become the exclusive foreign teacher for Chinese pupils.

Driven by a real-life foreign teacher, this course uses the deep inertia learning method and combines the new class model to arouse children’s learning motivation.

At the event, Acadsoc also launched a new learning theory called “deep inertia learning method”, which was developed by co-CEO, DPsy Jazz and his team

After a long-term study by the Acadsoc Language Institute, it has been found that English, as a tool of communication, needs to be practiced constantly to be improved, and there is no real shortcut. And in the endless process of learning, the most persistent person is the most likely to succeed, which makes deep inertia the key of language learning.

According to Jazz, a child’s learning journey is a process driven by a continuous cycle of “trigger-action-reward-engagement”.

Under the trigger of the two-way-drive of interest and reward, we should make children love learning English and improve the driving force of children’s autonomous learning, which will ultimately achieve good results of English learning.

In addition to the launch of new products, the round table dialogue on children’s English learning was also very lively. The participants in the dialogue shared their views from the perspectives of industry, parents and educational institutions.

As for the future development of Acadsoc, founder and CEO Wang Zhibin said that Acadsoc is constantly seeking and exploring the most suitable learning model for Chinese children. From the introduction of the National Geographic Learning Materials to the release of the Foreign Teacher BOX, and then to the strategic layout of the International Learning Center, Acadsoc has been advancing in the exploration. This launch aims to help more Chinese pupils learn English with new learning methods and new class models, and eventually to make Acadsoc’s online foreign teachers become the favorite of Chinese pupils.

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