2016 Sina Education Carnival interview on Anson Wang, CEO of Acadsoc

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Acadsoc, Chinese-based Online ESL courses provider

Acadsoc, a Chinese-based Online Education company.

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The Black Horse in Chinese Online Education Industry.


During 22-23 in November, the 9th Sina Education Carnival was held in Beijing. The theme of this carnival is ‘耀·升级’, which attracted many famous educators, media and educational facilities to attend. The spotlight would be Chinese education reformation and upgrade.


As the most influential annual party of Chinese education, Sina Education Carnival is different from last time. It is the first time that 6 educational summit meetings will be held for 2 days, including outstanding educational product exhibition, medal presentation. Attendants will take a deep research into Chinese Gaokao, online education, education investment, study abroad, language training and Artificial-Intelligence related education and discussion about the future of Chinese education development in this internet era.


In this carnival, Sina Education Channel particularly interviewed the CEO of Acadsoc, Ltd, Anson Wang. Here is the recording of this interview:


Host: It is our great pleasure to have Anson, CEO of Acadsoc, Ltd. in our live interview. Congratulations to you that Acadsoc was regarded and honoured as 2016 top company in the education industry. Could you please share your feeling after getting the prize with our audience now?


Anson: Thanks for Sina to let us have the chance to talk to our peers. I really appreciate your acknowledgement on Acadsoc as a top company in this industry and all your support in the past 5 years. The amount of our students grows fast with your help.  Thank you.


Host: Thank you. I heard that Acadsoc did a lot of things in 2016. Could you please tell our audience more details?


Anson: First of all I would love to introduce the 2 branches of our company. We have at the moment, which brings foreign tutors to Chinese students via the internet.


The traditional way to memorize words is really painful for Chinese students. As our observation, native speakers start learning from listening and speaking, or in other words, daily communications.


We are helping our clients to build up English skills and learn more other knowledge by using English. In the past 1 year, we have researched many other English e-learning sites and improve our product from their experience. Compared with last year, the amount of our paid clients has been increased by 6 times. What’s more, there are more companies show their interest in cooperating and investing as well.

Our Strengths


Host: Really amazing!!! Many people think that education is a really fierce battlefield with many involvers and competitors. How can you be in the advanced ranking of this industry and what is your core advantage when competing?


Anson: We are thinking about that every day. Generally speaking, we have 4 main advantages from our journey in the past 5 years and we have tried out best to settle down these blessings for Acadsoc.


Most importantly, Acadsoc can locate and approach rare education resources. What comes up to most students mind when they want to study English is that they will find a language school. Then, they may find suitable teachers, even famous ESL teachers. However, along with the development of the Internet, we can easier find high qualified tutors abroad. We want to standardize such process and improve our service with the help of internet.


When we are looking for teachers, our target location is not only western countries, but the Philippines as well. We will try to try to shape all of them into high Quality-Cost rating tutors. This is our first advantage.


Our second feature is high efficiency. We start our business from 2011 and 2011 is the first year of online education in China. We learned a lot in short time after launching our business. The benefit of the internet is that we can do a quick experiment and see if our proposal works among the users because of large visitor base of the internet.


Then it comes to our quickly growing user base. We are in the top 5 of this industry regarding the number of users and we process the most booming growing speed of users. The reason is that our clients have a very strong acknowledgement of our brand. Not only advanced technology is required, but the cooperation with roughly 400 professional facilities such as universities, middle schools and companies are necessary. Our students can get in touch with the newest technology and academic work when their voice can be heard by the world as well. I suppose this will be our third strength.


Finally, we are looking forward to being acknowledged by the government as well besides our students and partners. We have cooperated with some public schools with 4000 students and teachers. The product of Acadsoc can play as an organic addition to their daily study. In their 5 hours’ classes per week, there are 2 classes of our foreign teachers. That’s what we are looking for and working on, introducing our product into public education system via the internet.


As a conclusion, we have 4 competitive advantages, resources, efficiency, and acknowledgement from schools, companies and government. Beyond that, our final goal is to transfer our product to other developing countries.

Our goal


Host: Your sharing is very valuable. Thank you. By the way, the theme of this Sina Education Carnival is ‘耀。升级’. Can you share a bit about how you think about this theme and what will be the future plan of Acadsoc?


Anson: This name “升级(Upgrade)” is pretty cool, which is the stuff we are working on every day. From the perspective of education, we can interpret ‘Upgrade’ in two different ways. 1. Where is your company in the market? What are the market and your goal?


From our experience in the past 5 years, we discover that there are 3 stages for English learning.


Initially, it is a process of introduction and expanding of general English learning. We improve the utility-cost ratio of our product to let more customers in relatively undeveloped places to afford our product. This process will take roughly 2-3 years, so Acadsoc is still in the middle of stage 1.


Moreover, it is professional English learning. As I have mentioned, English is a skill to learn other knowledge. I.e. some of our students may have to pass CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) if learning finance; some others need to pass CCA (Chartered Certified Accountant) if majoring in accounting. We can quickly gain many skilled persons in certain territory via English and they will be able to work or study overseas.


Our final step is international learning. Many people are learning English for something. For example, I want to be hired by certain company, want to work in certain country and so on. And we follow such subsequent to optimize our product. One day, I hope not only Chinese can benefit from our product, but we will be able to spread our product all across the world to help some developing countries such as Indonesia and some other countries.  Thank you again.


Host: Can you share with us brief your feedback to attend Sina Education Carnival?


Anson: Actually we were quite low profile and seldom attend such forum. We have many friends here in Sina and we can learn a lot from them by communicating. We really hope to engage into more activities like this one. That’s my feedback at the moment.


Host: Thank you for your sharing. Thank you very much!

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